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The star of Athens postcards and arguably the most impressive of all the city’s ancient ruins, the Parthenon stands proud atop the sacred rock of Acropolis, high above the modern city.

Built between 447 and 432 BC, the temple was dedicated to Greek goddess Athena and originally housed her cult image, a giant ivory and gold-plated statue by Fidias. The restored temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a striking reminder of the glory of ancient Greece with its grand marble facade, classic Doric columns, and elaborate sculptural friezes. The site also serves as a fascinating chronicle of Athens’ history.

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What are people saying about Parthenon

Madison_B, Oct 2023
Great way to see the city, Acropolis, & Parthenon
Fantastic! Definitely do the bike tour and Acropolis combined. It was such a handy way to see the main city sites in a few hours. We loved our bike tour with Soto! He was very knowledgeable & funny. He told us lots of interesting facts of all the places we went by. It was so great to finish the bike tour & then also get an Acropolis & Parthenon tour as well. Perfect tour to see the city.
Mark_D, Nov 2023
I can't recommended this tour highly enough
Our guide was absolutely lovely and gave us a very engaging and informative tour of the Acropolis, Parthenon and Acropolis Museum. Everything went very smoothly. No complaints at all.
Shirley_H, Nov 2023
Good guides make a difference
Selina, our guide, was very personable, friendly, customer oriented, always answered questions and had a concern for her groups safety. Very organized and knowledgeable and made our long walking tour enjoyable!.
Hassin_S, Nov 2023
Many gems
Our visit to the Acropolis and surrounding areas was amazing thanks to our guide Magda who gave us the stories behind the sceneries. She was very knowledgeable, patient and best of all amusing! She is a gem. I highly recommend this tour with Magda!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Should I book Parthenon tickets in advance?
We recommend booking e-tickets ahead of time to secure your spot since Parthenon can get crowded. If you book with Viator, you can cancel at least 24 hours before the start date of your tour for a full refund.
Q:How much does it cost to visit Parthenon 2024?
Currently, an entrance ticket to Parthenon costs USD 23.05. Guided Parthenon tours start around USD 23.05 per person.
People Also Ask
Q:Can you visit the Parthenon without a ticket?
A:No, you need to purchase a ticket to enter the Acropolis and explore the Parthenon and other ruins in the archaeological site up close. You can buy a single-entry ticket for just the Acropolis or a combination ticket with admission to six other ancient sites in Athens.
Q:How long is the walk to the Parthenon?
A:The Parthenon sits on a clifftop above Athens and can be reached on foot in about 10 to 15 minutes from the ticket offices at its two entrances just below. An elevator provides access for visitors with limited mobility, but all others must walk up the steady slope to the Acropolis.
Q:How difficult is it to walk up to the Parthenon?
A:Aside from a steeper stretch just before reaching the top, climbing to the top of the Parthenon is not challenging for visitors who do not have mobility issues. The route offers splendid views over Athens, so you can stop to catch your breath and snap photos.
Q:Is there a dress code for the Parthenon?
A:No, there is no dress code, but remember that this open-air archaeological site can get scorching during the midday hours in summer, and there is very little shade. Wear a hat and sunblock, light clothing, and comfortable shoes that will stand up to the uneven ground inside the site.
Q:What is the best time of day to visit the Parthenon?
A:The Parthenon gets very hot and crowded during the midday hours in summer, making exploring the ancient site a chore. Opt to visit as soon as it opens in the morning or in the final afternoon hours before closure to avoid the worst of the heat and crowds.
Q:Is visiting the Parthenon worth it?
A:Yes, the Parthenon is one of the world's most significant ancient Greek ruins and the largest Doric temple ever built. Its well-preserved remains continue to impress with their sheer size and ingenious feat of optical illusion that makes the columns appear perfectly straight despite their height.