White Mountains (Lefka Ori)
White Mountains (Lefka Ori)
White Mountains (Lefka Ori)

White Mountains (Lefka Ori) Tours and Tickets

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Crete is renowned for being a divinely sun-baked Greek Island, boasting great beaches and hot weather—but it’s less known for its spectacular White Mountains (Lefka Ori). Found in the west of the island, the mountains are a paradise for hikers and nature spotters when not dusted with snow in winter and early spring.

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Hilary_C, Sep 2023
Great fun day out
Our driver Jonathan was very good and knowledgeable. We enjoyed the other group's company in our van. The scenery was stunning and it was great to get out of Chania for a change. The lunch was tasty and plenty of it.
Stina_A, Jul 2023
Great tour with great guide
The food was delicious and the landscape impressive! Our guide, Nicolas, was very friendly and really brought the tour to the next level.
Vera_B, Jul 2023
An unforgettable experience accompanied by a passionate guide with extensive knowledge of flora, fauna and beautiful Crete. Highlight was a delicious lunch with a fantastic view. Thank you for a fantastic day ❤️
Andres_C, Aug 2021
Beautiful Island
Crete is beautiful. The trip is OK but you spend a lot of time inside the 4x4. The guide is knowledgeable. If you get stuck in the back of the vehicle for the duration it makes the trip less appealing as you see less, hear less, and get pretty banged up as the Jeep does the sharp hairpin turns. I think the driver should have recommended changing seats so everyone can have a similar experience. Lunch was OK but vegetarian option was just spaghetti! (I mean we are in Greece I would prefer Greek food!)
People Also Ask
Q:Where are the White Mountains in Crete?
A:The White Mountains (aka Lefka Ori) in Crete are found in the western stretches of the island, spreading out around the diverse region of Chania. These limestone peaks form part of the wider White Mountains National Park, covering over 50 dramatic gorges and mountain summits.
Q:How high are the White Mountains in Crete?
A:The White Mountains’ highest summit is Pachnes, which reaches an altitude of 8,048 feet (2,453 meters), with many other peaks not so far behind. With an impressive altitude, the mountains here are actually skiable in the winter, although there are no lifts, trail maps, or facilities.
Q:What is the highest peak in Chania?
A:The highest peak in Chania is Pachnes, part of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) range. The summit sits at 8,048 feet (2,453 meters) and can be reached via an old sheep track from Anopolis and then a footpath, rewarding those who make it with far-reaching views.
Q:What are the snowcapped mountains in Crete?
A:When people talk about the snowcapped mountains in Crete, chances are they’re talking about the White Mountains. Known locally as Lefka Ori, the peaks are snowcapped usually from mid-December through early April, although in the summer, they still seem gleaming white, thanks to the sun on the limestone terrain.
Q:Which mountain is always covered in snow?
A:There are no mountains in Crete that are covered in snow year-round. The island has no glaciers, and after the winter, the snow melts even from the top of the island’s two highest peaks—Timios Stavros (Lsithi) and Pachnes (White Mountains)—both of which sit above 7,874 feet (2,400 meters).
Q:Is Chania very touristy?
A:Yes, the built-up areas away from Chania’s historic center were developed with tourism in mind, and it can feel touristy—but it depends on where you go. Chania is one of Europe’s oldest cities, boasting Minoan remains and Venetian architecture, so visitors can easily avoid the tourist traps and bars.