Harbor Museum (Hafenmuseum Hamburg)
Harbor Museum (Hafenmuseum Hamburg)
Harbor Museum (Hafenmuseum Hamburg)

Harbor Museum (Hafenmuseum Hamburg) Tours and Tickets

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The Harbor Museum (Hafenmuseum Hamburg) is located in the remaining historical part of the free port built over a hundred years ago and showcases the history and operation of this important harbor. Due to container shipping, the look of the port has changed profoundly over the last several decades, but the museum has rented one of the last remaining wooden quai sheds, number 50A, and has worked hard to keep the history of the Hamburg harbor alive. On 2500 square meters, topics ranging from cargo handling, shipping and ship building to marine engineering are explained to the visitors. Outside the shed, the more heavy machinery is showcased. Highlights are a floating crane, a steam-powered suction machine, a barge and a mooring car.

The collection is located in the heart of the hustle and bustle of today’s hectic harbor and just as authentic as the location are the experts doing the explaining on what equipment is used and how the vessels are constructed in the shipyard. Every weekend between 10am and 6pm, former harbor workers and ship experts who have spent their whole lives around the port are available to teach visitors about the inner workings of a busy harbor and answer questions.

  • Australiastrasse 6, Hamburg, 20457

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