Tower of London
Tower of London viewed from across the Thames, London
Tower of London viewed from across the Thames, London

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From medieval torture to grim executions and infamous royal prisoners, the Tower of London has long found itself at the center of the city's dark history. Built by William the Conqueror in 1066, the historic castle has served as a Royal Menagerie, Her Majesty's prison, an execution site, a royal observatory, a Royal Mint, and a military storehouse over the course of its existence.

  • Tower Hill, London, England, EC3N 4AB

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What are people saying about Tower of London

Elise_L, Nov 2023
Great Tour
Our tour guide was very knowledge able and it was a great way to make sure you saw everything at the Tower of London
Shari_C, Nov 2023
Amazing tour
Our tour with Mariana was amazing. She provided our family with the history of the Tower of London in a way that both our kids and us were able to understand and picture.
Emily_H, Nov 2023
Excellent day!
Incredible day! Took my 11yo with me, and Carol was an incredible guide. Learned a ton, plenty of time to wander on our own for lunch or in the Tower of London. Saw 2x what I would have been able to do on my own. Only tip is on Sunday, you can’t tour St. Paul’s given its holding services (you can peek in only). Highly recommended! November is also a great time for low crowds and zero lines anywhere!
Simon_G, Nov 2023
Entertaining and insightful tour of Tower Hill
The trip to Tower Hill was enjoyable and informative. Our tour guide, James Hart, was an excellent storyteller, bringing the remarkable millennium-long history of the Tower of London to life. The tour covered everything from infamous executions, armoury and the Crown Jewels, to ancient bathroom etiquette! Mr Hart has exceptional depth of knowledge and a very British sense of humour. We would strongly recommend to those interested in history. Do wrap up warm if you’re visiting in autumn/winter.
People Also Ask
Q:Is it worth touring the Tower of London?
A:Yes, the Tower of London is worth visiting. With a long and complex history as a palace, fortress, and prison, it’s an excellent place to learn about London through the ages. Moreover, the tower is one of England’s most important buildings and home to the precious Crown Jewels.
Q:How long does the Tower of London tour take?
A:Tours of the Tower of London typically take about one hour. Altogether set aside at least two hours for your Tower of London visit. That will give you additional time to explore parts of the tower on your own—and wait in the long line to peek at the Crown Jewels.
Q:What is included in the Tower of London tour?
A:Admission tickets for the Tower of London grant entry to the Crown Jewels, White Tower, Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, Battlements, Medieval Palace, Bloody Tower, Torture at the Tower exhibition, Fusiliers Museum, and Royal Mint exhibition. Tours led by "Beefeaters," guards sharing stories from 1,000 years of history, are also included.
Q:What should you not miss at the Tower of London?
A:Don’t miss seeing the Crown Jewels—the wait is worth it. Other top highlights include the Beefeater guards, the armory and weapons collection in the White Tower, the Bloody Tower, Tower Green (the site of Anne Boleyn’s execution), and the views of Tower Bridge from the ramparts.
Q:What is the best day to visit the Tower of London?
A:The best time to visit the Tower of London is mid-week early mornings, when lines are typically the shortest. Weekends, public holidays, and afternoons are busiest with tourists and school groups. Winters bring shorter lines but wet, dreary weather.
Q:Can you walk around the Tower of London for free?
A:No, you can’t walk around the Tower of London for free. Visitors must purchase admission tickets or limit their trip to the tower’s far perimeter and bridge. While not required, booking tickets in advance will likely save you time and money.