Road to Hana (Hana Highway)
Road to Hana from the above, Maui, Hawaii
Road to Hana from the above, Maui, Hawaii

Road to Hana (Hana Highway) Tours and Tickets

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Tropical foliage, black sand beaches, rushing waterfalls and incredible views are the calling cards of the legendary, winding Road to Hana. The famous roadway along Maui’s North Shore (also called the Hana Highway) includes 600 hairpin turns and more than 50 bridges and is known as one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

  • State Highway 360, Hana, Hawaii, 96713

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Lisa_B, Aug 2023
Fabulous flight and lots of beautiful stops on the road from Hana!
Captain Mike did great job pointing out the great views/pts of interest. Nice smooth ride in helicopter. Gayle was waiting for us in Hana with comfortable, clean van. She shared all kinds of local information as she drove us from point to point. Lunch was ok; nothing fancy. Did have lunch for our vegan family member. Stopped at beautiful place for swimming/photos. Got to stop for shave ice. Very satisfied with this trip!
Lora_B, Jul 2023
A tour not to be missed if visiting Maui
My family had a great trip to Maui and we really enjoyed our Road to Hana tour. Our guide, Malissa was very knowledgeable and kept the day interesting! It was obvious that Malissa loves Maui and sharing her love of the island. Malissa exercises safety as a priority and we all felt very safe throughout the day. We highly recommend this tour and requesting Malissa as your guide.
Mubina_I, Nov 2023
Wonderful experience with Justin, our amazing tour guide!
Justin was an amazing tour guide! Very knowledgeable and had an excellent vibe throughout our tour. He also made us feel super safe through our ride through the windy road to Hana. He was a considerate tour guide and an excellent driver.
Jamie_B, Nov 2023
Great experience with delicious lunch!
Loved being in a small group. Justin was a great transfer driver.Uncle Louie was a great guide! Both provided a lot of island information . Mahalo tour company is great! Served a delicious lunch giving us three main dishes to choose from. Would definitely recommend this company and experience to anyone!
People Also Ask
Q:How long does it take to drive the Road to Hana?
A:If you were to drive straight from Kaanapali to Hana, you could complete the 70-mile (110-kilometer) journey in under three hours. However, stopping to take in the views along the way is the entire point of the trip, so give yourself a whole day to make the most of it.
Q:Is Road to Hana safe to drive?
A:Yes, although the Road to Hana features hundreds of blind corners, it is generally safe to drive—if you are cautious and stick to the speed limit. The challenge of driving such a scenic route is that you can easily be distracted by the views. Give yourself plenty of time and make frequent use of pull outs.
Q:Are rental cars allowed on the Road to Hana?
A:Yes, rental cars are allowed on the Road to Hana. Most rental car companies have no restrictions on driving the standard Road to Hana route along the north side. However, many do forbid drivers from taking cars along the more challenging Piilani Highway, which is known as the "Back Road to Hana." It’s always a good idea to check your contract regardless.
Q:What is the best day of the week to drive the Road to Hana?
A:You can expect traffic on the Road to Hana any day of the week, so there isn't really a best day—although holiday and summer weekends are typically busiest. More important is the time of day. Set out early so that you have plenty of time to take in the sights and get back before dark.
Q:Is it better to take a tour on the Road to Hana?
A:Yes, if you are not a very confident driver. Driving the Road to Hana can be challenging due to its many hairpin bends and blind spots. If you are unsure about tackling the drive, leave it to an expert who has done the route many times before.
Q:What month is best for Road to Hana?
A:April and May and September and October are the best months for the Road to Hana. Visiting during these shoulder seasons means that the road is likely less congested, and the conditions are typically good. Although rain is possible anytime in Maui, you should avoid the wet season from November to March.
Q:What is the best day to tour the Road to Hana?
A:There is no best day to tour the Road to Hana as you can expect traffic from locals and visitors any day of the week. That said, holidays and summer weekends are typically the busiest. More important is the time of day you begin the drive. Set out early (around 7am) to complete the route before dark.
Q:How much time should I allow for the Road to Hana?
A:You should allow up to 10 hours to drive the Road to Hana. While you could complete the route in around five hours without stops, most people typically drive 8–10 hours and visit the many attractions along the way.
Q:What can you not do on the Road to Hana?
A:There are several restrictions on the Road to Hana. Some of the most important include not parking on the highway or impeding traffic, not blocking driveways, and not parking facing oncoming traffic—offenders often receive tickets for violations. Most importantly, drivers should respect the locals who use this road daily.
Q:What do you wear to drive the Road to Hana?
A:Whether driving the Road to Hana yourself or taking a guided tour, you should wear clothing that is comfortable for long stretches in the vehicle. You should wear a bathing suit to enjoy the beaches and freshwater pools along the way and suitable footwear if you want to hike some trails.