Little Havana
People passing by the storefronts in Little Havana, Miami
People passing by the storefronts in Little Havana, Miami

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Vibrant Cuban culture permeates every aspect of the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, Florida. You'll find it in the colorful murals, the monuments to heroes past and present, the residents facing off in the domino park as they discuss politics, and in the cigar rollers at work amidst the ever-present aroma of Cuban coffee.

  • Miami, Florida

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What are people saying about Little Havana

Amy_E, Nov 2023
I can't wait to go again!
Juan Carlos was an amazing guide and we were full by the end of the tour. The food, drinks, education and energy were great. I will definitely be back to little Havana every time I am in Miami!
Darlene_S, Nov 2023
Lee the best tour guide ever
I have been in Little Havana many times, and did not realize all the hidden gems that were there Lee our tour guide was extremely exceptionally knowledgeable about the history and made this trip. Very exciting and personable.
Dereck_T, Nov 2023
Perfect day out
The excursion was fabulous- our tour guide was very knowledgeable and passionate. Not only did we get to hear the history of little Havana, but it was wonderful getting to sample some of the local cuisine. All in all great experience.
Cindy_S, Oct 2023
A Little Havana must!!
This tour is always a favorite when in Little Havana. Our tour guide had the most upbeat and fun personality with lots of great information! The food was delicious!
People Also Ask
Q:Is Little Havana worth visiting?
A:Yes, this neighborhood in Miami is known for its food, music, history, street art, cigar stores, and more. One of the best ways to explore is with a guided tour offering background information and insider access to the best parts of the neighborhood.
Q:Where does the Little Havana tour start?
A:There are several starting points for tours of Little Havana; tickets should be purchased in advance. Some tours offer transportation to this Miami neighborhood from popular tourist areas such as South Beach or Brickell. Other tours begin at a meeting point within the area, like a park, restaurant, or theater. Street parking is available within Little Havana.
Q:Is Little Havana a good area in Miami?
A:Yes, Little Havana is one of Miami's top cultural neighborhoods. While it does not offer access to beaches like other neighborhoods, it's worth a visit to explore its food, music, street art, and history. Explore Little Havana with a tour to maximize your time.
Q:What types of tours can you do of Little Havana?
A:Little Havana offers many types of tours. Go for a guided stroll on a tour of this Miami neighborhood that's focused on themes like food, history, and culture. Some tours begin at a meeting point in Little Havana, while others offer transportation from popular tourist areas like Miami Beach.
Q:How long is a tour of Little Havana?
A:A tour is typically 2–3 hours long. Most Little Havana tours include a guided walk through the neighborhood to explore its food, street art, music, and history. A tour with transportation to and from a starting point like Miami Beach may run slightly longer.
Q:What should I wear on a tour of Little Havana?
A:Wear comfortable shoes and loose, light clothing during a Little Havana tour. Most tours of Little Havana include a guided stroll around the neighborhood, so comfortable shoes are essential. In some parts of the tour, visitors will be exposed to the sun with little cover, so wear sunscreen and a hat, too.