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Once a hub for newly arrived immigrants, then later, a gritty part of New York City largely populated by struggling artists, the Lower East Side is now one of Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods. You’ll find unique boutiques, small galleries, and plenty of character in this district bordered by East Houston, Essex, Canal, and the Bowery.

  • Manhattan, New York City, New York, 10002

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Charles_S, Nov 2023
Lower East Side culture
Adam, the tour guide, kept the walk lively and informative with his in-depth knowledge of the lower east side food stops we made on this tour. He actively engaged each participant in the group, and answered all the questions presented to him. His commitment to make the experience memorable was evident from the beginning straight through to the last stop. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an "insider's" knowledge combined with a warm, personable style of communicating.
Kristen_H, Oct 2023
Definitely Recommend
A fantastic tour! Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend this culture tour to others that want to learn about Lower Eastside culture and try different types of food. The pizza was amazing!!!
Laina_S, Nov 2023
Wonderful tour
The food was delicious. Emmalene was friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended. Loved the history of this neighborhood.
Ann_B, Oct 2023
The World Through Food
Being introduced to so many immigrant stories through the food they created. Observing the changes in one neighborhood as new immigrants arrived.
Frequently Asked Questions
People Also Ask
Q:What part of Lower Manhattan is considered the Lower East Side?
A:While New York City geography can appear fuzzy, with new neighborhood acronyms popping up overnight, the Lower East Side still has clear contours. It refers to the section of Manhattan wedged in by Chinatown and Canal Street to the south, Soho and Nolita to the east, and the East Village to the north.
Q:What is the Lower East Side best known for?
A:This is where many of New York City’s most storied immigrant communities started in the 19th and 20th centuries. The era can still be glimpsed through the neighborhood’s historic tenement walk-ups. Lower East Side addresses once carried a stigma, although you’d never know that today. While still gritty, the neighborhood has also gentrified.
Q:How can I spend a day in the Lower East Side?
A:Take a stroll down Orchard Street, once the domain of Jewish fabric merchants and now an urban laboratory for new boutiques, cafés, and galleries—with a vintage deli thrown in. Grab a pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Delicatessen. After sundown, while away the evening at a comedy show or neighborhood music venue.
Q:Is the Lower East Side safe for tourists?
A:Yes, the Lower East Side has more than cleaned up its once-seedy reputation over the years. This is one of Manhattan’s most bustling neighborhoods day and night, so you’re unlikely to encounter any dodgy situations. That said, anyone in any city should keep their wits about them and watch out for pickpocketers.
Q:Is the Lower East Side expensive to visit?
A:New York City tends to be expensive, especially Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, and the Lower East Side is no exception. But the beauty of this wonderfully multi-dimensional neighborhood is that high-end brunch joints and designer shops are sprinkled in with greasy spoon diners and old-school corner stores. And hey, strolling around is free.
Q:What shouldn’t I miss in the Lower East Side?
A:Be sure to check out the Tenement Museum. Located on Orchard Street, the museum encompasses two 19th-century walk-ups that housed over 7,000 immigrants and migrants from over 20 countries. Choose from various themed apartment tours (including one focused on women and another on famine), which can be booked online in advance.
Q:Can I visit the Lower East Side on a guided tour?
A:Yes. Travelers will find no shortage of guided neighborhood walking tours, including from the Tenement Museum. While you should also allot time to venture out on your own, visiting the area with a guide is a great way to learn about the legacies of many first-generation Americans who have called the Lower East Side home.