Woolworth Building
Woolworth Building and surroundings at sunrise in New York City
Woolworth Building and surroundings at sunrise in New York City

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Located in Lower Manhattan, New York City’s Woolworth Building is a relic of another era. The building, which was constructed in 1913, is an architectural statement on New York’s skyline, with its neo-Gothic detailing and impressive height. Closed to the public for years, the Woolworth’s historic lobby is now open to visitors.

  • 233 Broadway, Manhattan, New York City, New York, 10007

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People Also Ask
Q:Can you tour the Woolworth Building?
A:No, the Woolworth Building no longer offers public access to its lobby, and tours that go inside the building have been suspended. However, the building—which dates to 1913 and is a National Historic Landmark—can still be admired from the outside. Its architecture is worth a visit.
Q:What do you see on a tour of the Woolworth Building?
A:Currently, tours are not being held of the Woolworth Building's interior, so visitors will have to make do with admiring its facade. That said, there's much to see from the outside. Once the tallest building in the world, the historic skyscraper offers neo-Gothic design with ornamental detailing and soaring heights.
Q:Are kids allowed on a tour of the Woolworth Building?
A:No members of the public (of any age) are admitted on a tour of the Woolworth Building. Transformed into high-end residences, the building does not host tours of its interior at this time. That said, visitors of all ages can stop to admire its distinctive looks from the outside.
Q:Is the Woolworth Building accessible?
A:Yes, the Woolworth Building is equipped with a number of high-speed elevators that make accessing its upper floors easy—at the time the building was unveiled, in 1913, they were the fastest in the world. However, the interior of the Woolworth Building is not open to public tours.
Q:Are photos permitted in the Woolworth Building?
A:The Woolworth Building is not currently open for public tours, and so visitors are not able to access its famously ornate lobby for photos. That said, the building's exterior is no less impressive, and New York tourists are welcome to linger outdoors and capture photos of its facade.
Q:Are there restrooms at the Woolworth Building?
A:No, there are no public restrooms available at the Woolworth Building. The New York landmark is no longer accessible to the public, and tours of its interior have been postponed indefinitely. However, there are a number of cafés and restaurants in its vicinity that offer restroom access for customers.