Tiber River (Fiume Tevere)
Tiber River (Fiume Tevere)
Tiber River (Fiume Tevere)

Tiber River (Fiume Tevere) Tours and Tickets

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The third-longest river in Italy, the Tiber (Tevere) winds down from the Apennine Mountains, passing through the city of Rome on its way to the coast at Ostia. This famous waterway, more than 250 miles (400 kilometers) long, has played a fundamental role in Roman history since its founding.

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Q:Can you ride a boat on the Tiber River?
A:Yes, there are tourist boat trips along the Tiber River, although they’re not as scenic or sight-filled as in other European cities. If you want to see Rome from a different angle and get a sense of travel in ancient times, the water offers a good way to do it.
Q:Why is the Tiber River famous?
A:The Tiber River is steeped in legend, most notably that of Romulus and Remus—aka the founders of Rome. Per the story, these twin baby boys were ordered to be drowned in the Tiber but floated to the riverbanks instead. As adults, they founded a town that grew to be Rome.
Q:How long is the Tiber River?
A:The Tiber River is roughly 252 miles (405 kilometers) long. After the River Po, the Tiber is Italy’s second-longest river, stretching from the Apennines in the Tuscany and Emilia Romagna regions, through the city of Rome, all the way to the Mediterranean Sea beyond Ostia Antica.
Q:Is the Tiber River navigable?
A:Many sections of the Tiber River are navigable. Tourist sightseeing boats pass through the city of Rome from Ponte Sant’Angelo (close to Vatican City) or Ponte Marconi (south of Trastevere), taking in sights of the city bridges. Some routes head out as far as Ostia Antica where Roman excavations await.
Q:Can you walk across the Tiber River?
A:The Tiber River is too deep to walk across, but bridges offer a pleasant crossing. The beautiful and historic Sant'Angelo Bridge (Ponte Sant'Angelo) spans the waterway, is open only to pedestrians, and has views of Castello Sant’Angelo and Vatican City beyond it.
Q:What is a fun fact about the Tiber River?
A:The Tiber River is home to the small island of Isola Tiberina, which many say resembles the shape of a fishing boat. While the fishing boat shape is only visible from high above, the island is most commonly at ground level, accessed by the footbridges Fabricio or Cestio.