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Akrotiri came to an abrupt end in approximately 1613 BC with a catastrophic volcanic eruption that buried the Bronze Age settlement in a carpet of ash. Beginning in 1967, excavations of the Minoan town revealed buildings, drainage systems, and pottery, but no human remains or gold valuables, indicating locals had time to flee before disaster hit.

  • Fira, Santorini, 847 00

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What are people saying about Akrotiri

Rafael_K, Oct 2023
Amazing Akrotiri
How preserved ancient settlements at the Akrotiri site were. The entire ancient city was buried under volcanic ashes after a massive eruption. As you navigate through an impressive network of buildings and rooms filled with earthenware you can imagine what life was like. The audio guide on the phone worked a treat.
sherry_d, Oct 2023
Great Island Exploration
Very enjoyable tour! We enjoyed each stop. Akrotiri was definitely a highlight! We enjoyed all stops on this tour, though it would have been nice to have a bit longer at the beach.
KatelynG, Oct 2023
Akrotiri is a must visit!
Detailed and easy to use the app. Very descriptive. Akrotiri is a fascinating site and the self guided tour was a great way to learn more about the archeological ruins.
Greg_C, Sep 2023
Santorini in a day
It's impossible to see all of Santorini in one day, but this tour gets pretty close! The tour guide and driver were fantastic and friendly, Akrotiri is absolutely worth visiting, and you'll have multiple opportunities to enjoy some wine and amazing views of the island. You will have plenty of time to go swimming at the black beach and dry off, so come prepared (alternatively, there's plenty of other things to do there).