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Mt. Sinai rises a lofty 7,497 feet (2,285 meters) above sea level and is an important religious pilgrimage site, where the prophet Moses is said to have received the 10 Commandments directly from God. Visit the site’s ancient monastery or hike to the summit for panoramic views of Egypt’s mountainous Sinai Peninsula.

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What are people saying about Mt. Sinai

Nicholas_B, Nov 2023
Great experience, a bit tough on an oldie like me!
This was a real experience and very memorable. I'm 60 so this was hard work for me, by the time I'd got back to the bottom pretty much all of me was aching and I was expecting to need new knees and hips but I was ok after a couple of days. As far as the transport goes, they got the job done, not with style or luxury but I guess there's no way to do a journey like this in style or with luxury.
Rachel_D, Nov 2023
Awesome to climb mt Sinai and experience the sunrise. Although with approx 100 other tourists, there was a beautiful quietness allowing contemplation on significant past events in this area. The two Bedouin guides were great, and kept the group together well. All but one managed without needing assistance from a camel. Clear instructions from our main guide, who had a good sense of humour. It would be good to have more than one for the monastery.
MRG_R, Nov 2023
Very attentive guide
Excellent support from our guide as our daughter wasn’t feeling well. He also gave her his coat to keep warm.
ZoeAbhilasha_N, Nov 2023
Amazing experience. Well supported by staff. Enjoyed every moment. Beautiful journey with Viator that made it possible for solo traveller to get this experience at reasonable price along with more people coming from several places. Absolutely beautiful place and well organised by Viator. I was skeptical before booking due to bad experience with some local company. But this went perfect by all meansz
People Also Ask
Q:How long is the hike to the top of Mt Sinai?
A:There are two separate routes to the top of Mt. Sinai. The Steps of Repentance include 3,000 rock-cut steps, and the Camel Trail offers a more gently sloping path. Both trails meet for the 750-step climb to the summit. Most travelers choose the Camel Trail, which takes about two hours.
Q:Are there tours to Mount Sinai?
A:Yes. There are tours to Mt. Sinai from Dahab, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Cairo, and even Eilat in Israel: Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh are the best bases. Tours normally leave in the evening and drive overnight so you can climb the mountain for sunrise then visit St. Catherine’s Monastery.
Q:How hard is it to hike Mount Sinai?
A:The Steps of Repentance are physically challenging, but the Camel Trail is relatively easy. Plenty of families have done it. Assuming you’re reasonably fit, the hardest element of the sunrise hike is the lack of sleep and, particularly in winter, the temperatures at the top. Camels are available if required.
Q:What should I wear to Mount Sinai?
A:More clothing than you'd think. Mt. Sinai is 7,497 feet (2,285 meters) high, and nighttime winter temperatures drop below freezing. If climbing for sunrise, pack gloves, a hat, jacket, and thick socks in winter, and a layer and socks in summer. Modest dress is essential for the monastery.
Q:What is the best day to visit Mount Sinai?
A:Whether you’re doing a sunrise or sunset hike, Tuesday is a great day to visit Mt. Sinai. Most travelers also tour St. Catherine’s Monastery, which shares the mountain’s UNESCO World Heritage listing. This opens in the mornings but is closed to visitors on Friday and Sunday and busiest on Saturday.
Q:Is Mount Sinai worth it?
A:Yes, Mt. Sinai is absolutely worth it. It’s a sacred place to followers of all three Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—many of whom believe Moses received the Ten Commandments here. But it’s also a beautiful and atmospheric slice of desert wilderness and not too taxing of a climb.