St. Catherine's Monastery
St. Catherine's Monastery
St. Catherine's Monastery

St. Catherine's Monastery Tours and Tickets

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Set beneath a mountain many believe to be the Biblical Mt. Sinai, St. Catherine’s Monastery has a heritage dating back to the fourth century AD and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Still a working monastery, St. Catherine’s has defensive walls that house chapels, a library museum, and what is claimed to be a descendant of the Biblical burning bush.

  • Saint Catherine, South Sinai, 8730070

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ZoeAbhilasha_N, Nov 2023
Amazing experience. Well supported by staff. Enjoyed every moment. Beautiful journey with Viator that made it possible for solo traveller to get this experience at reasonable price along with more people coming from several places. Absolutely beautiful place and well organised by Viator. I was skeptical before booking due to bad experience with some local company. But this went perfect by all meansz
Leondina, Oct 2023
Very Cool!
Mohamed was great guide and made sure we were safe, comfortable and warm during the trek up and the wait for sunrise. He also helped us secure a good spot so we’d have perfect view of sunrise. It does get very cold so I recommend bringing warm clothes and making use of the mattresses and blankets they sell at the top.
JoseBernabe_L, Oct 2023
Worth the hike!
Had the opportunity to visit Sharm El Sheik and had an extra day and decided to contact this tour experience. They were able to accommodate almost last minute. They told me that my trip day the monastery was going to be closed. I still went with the tour. Mahmoud was our tour guide and he was excellent, well versed in the knowledge and attentive to details. The driver was excellent and experienced. They were able to pick us from our AirBnb in Hadaba.
Jonathan_T, Oct 2023
A memory like no other
Memorable increible journey, amazing 👏 ❤️ The treatment of the Bedouin guide my mom and dad was amazing and heartfelt.
People Also Ask
Q:Can I visit St. Catherine’s Monastery?
A:Yes, you can visit St. Catherine’s Monastery. The monastery closes on Fridays, Sundays, and important feast days—note that it follows the Greek Orthodox calendar—but it’s open from 9–11:30am on other days. Many travelers pair a visit here with climbing neighboring Mt. Sinai, where many believe Moses received the Ten Commandments.
Q:Is St. Catherine’s Monastery worth visiting?
A:Yes, St. Catherine’s Monastery is worth visiting. A fortified monastery in a spectacularly rugged setting, it’s the oldest Christian monastery still in use as a working monastery—it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can even see what some believe to be a descendant of the biblical Burning Bush.
Q:What is St. Catherine’s Monastery known for?
A:St. Catherine’s Monastery is known for being the oldest still-working Christian monastery. A place of pilgrimage for more than 1,500 years, it houses priceless icons, precious manuscripts, a well where Moses is believed to have drunk, and a plant descended from what the monks believe is the original Burning Bush.
Q:How old is St. Catherine’s Monastery?
A:The Roman Emperor Justinian built the current monastery during the 6th century AD, but a chapel at its core dates back to St. Helena and 330 AD. Depending on where you start your count, St. Catherine’s Monastery is more than 1,450 years old but less than 1,700 years old.
Q:What religion is St. Catherine’s Monastery?
A:St. Catherine’s Monastery is a Christian monastery, Greek Orthodox to be precise. It commemorates the early Christian martyr St. Catherine of Alexandria and contains sacred icons and illuminated manuscripts. However, the area is sacred for people of all three Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
Q:How do I get to St. Catherine’s Monastery from Sharm El Sheikh?
A:There are no public buses to St. Catherine’s Monastery from Sharm El Sheikh, and the 125-mile (200-kilometer) journey is too far for ridesharing or taxis. If you want to do the sunrise climb of Mt. Sinai, a tour is a much better option than self-driving, as you can sleep during the journey.