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9 Bey-Approved Destinations Where You Can Travel Like Beyoncé

Take a cue from the Virgo queen and add these destinations to your wish list.

9 Bey-Approved Destinations Where You Can Travel Like Beyoncé
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You might not be a billionaire, but you can still follow in Queen Bey’s footsteps on your next vacation. (Although don’t expect to be seated alongside her on the plane.) Sure, the lavish resorts and opulent megayachts she and husband Jay-Z are known to favor are probably—let’s be honest: definitely—beyond the bank account realms of us mere mortals. But there are still plenty of ways to experience Bey-approved destinations such as Barcelona and the Blue Lagoon on a non-Beyoncé budget.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Person snaps a pic of an Icelandic glacier
Even Beyoncé wore unflattering orange on her trip to Iceland.Photo Credit: Brian Fulda / Viator

Home to icy glaciers and warming waters.

Iceland has definitely had A Moment in recent years, not least when Bey and Jay graced the country with their presence back in 2014 to celebrate Jay-Z’s 45th birthday. Reports claim they stayed in an exclusive lodge close to the Langköjull Glacier (which you can visit on a snowmobiling day trip from Reykjavik); hung out at the famed Blue Lagoon; and took a helicopter ride. (In fact, Bey posted photos of them enjoying all of the above on her website.)

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2. Hvar, Croatia

Person jumps off a catamaran in Croatia
Just pretend you're on Beyoncé's megayacht.Photo Credit: Nikola Smernic / Viator

See the inspo behind Blue Ivy’s name.

It’s no secret that fans believe Blue Ivy’s name was inspired—at least in part—by a Croatian tree in Hvar, especially as the family vacationed there in summer 2011, mere months before their daughter was born. (For what it’s worth, Croatia agrees—Bey, Jay, and Blue were made honorary citizens of Hvar back in 2012.) Once you’ve checked out the trees, make your way to Hula Hula bar, where the couple was spotted sipping cocktails, or take to the waters for an exclusive yacht tour off the Dalmatian coast.

3. Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Havasu Falls, Arizona
Beyoncé filmed on location at the exclusive falls.Photo Credit: LHBLLC / Shutterstock

Enjoy one of the US' best-loved attractions.

The internet was ablaze in 2019, when reports surfaced that Beyoncé shut down the Grand Canyon—yes, really—to shoot her “Spirit” music video. Of course, this was hyperbole at its finest because she didn’t actually shut down the entire 1,930-square-mile (5,000-square-kilometer) Grand Canyon National Park. She did, however, shut down the Havasu Falls with the blessing of Havasupai tribal officials, an exclusive site which is typically only open to 300 visitors a day. Can’t get a permit to visit? Take in views of the Grand Canyon from above instead, like Beyoncé did on her 8th wedding anniversary back in 2016.

4. Costa Rica

a person takes a photo of a lush Costa Rican jungle scene
It's easy to see why Beyoncé loves Costa Rica.Photo Credit: Galyna Andrushko / Shutterstock

Beyoncé knows all about “pura vida.”

Over the years, Bey and Jay have made return visits to Costa Rica, taking in all the beauty that this famously biodiverse Central American country has to offer. Back in 2013, the couple reportedly visited the Arenal Volcano, tried paddleboarding, and even gave ziplining a go, per photos Beyoncé posted on her Tumblr account at the time. (Although local mediadid good-naturedly bemoan Jay-Z’s lack of guayabera shirt-wearing.) Then, in 2014, Beyoncé and sister Solange returned to the country for Kelly Rowland’s wedding after that elevator fight.

5. Paris, France

photo of the louvre, paris, france
Even Beyoncé knows the Louvre is a Paris must.Photo Credit: Pierre Morel / Viator

Maybe you can’t close down the Louvre, but still.

Paris, the City of Light, the capital of romance. The French capital has had much of the world in its thrall for decades, but Beyoncé’s takeover of The Louvre for her “Apeshit” video was probably what truly secured the city its iconique status. Probably. Although you certainly can’t close down one of the world’s most famous and frequented museums, you can certainly visit it. You can even get Beyoncé-esque snaps in front of the Eiffel Tower, visit the Pablo Picasso Museum, and (if you’ve got $20,000 to spare) rent a penthouse at the Hotel Le Meurice.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign
Vegas is both fabulous and Bey-approved.Photo Credit: Anthony Cruz / Viator

Gamble it all to live like Beyoncé.

Even Queen Bey can’t resist the siren call of Vegas’ neon lights, which probably explains why she chose to spend her 13th wedding anniversary in Sin City in 2021. While we can’t imagine her risking it all on the slots—although what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—perhaps she played a few hands of poker before taking to the bright lights of the strip in a limo or soaring above the masses in a helicopter. And, surely, she must have taken an appropriately fabulous photo in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Right?

7. Amalfi Coast, Italy

a shot of the Amalfi Coast, Italy
Beyoncé is a big fan of the Amalfi Coast.Photo Credit: Silvia Longhi / Viator

An annual Carter tradition, we’ve heard.

If you keep up to date with the coming and goings of Beyoncé, you’ll know that an annual Mediterranean cruise is something of a custom. Most of the time, this takes place off the picturesque Amalfi Coast in Italy, known for cliffside roads, sandy bays, and colorful casas. Although she usually bobs around on a luxury yacht, us mere mortals will probably have to settle for a boat trip. And if the Amalfi Coast doesn’t float your boat, keep in mind that Bey has also been seen checking out David in Florence.

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

old mansion house in the garden district, new orleans, louisiana
NOLA's Garden District houses are truly impressive.Photo Credit: Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock

Nothing beats NOLA.

As the Beyhive will know, New Orleans served as the backdrop for Beyoncé’s 2016 “Formation” video, as well as her sister Solange’s wedding. Other sources even claim that Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z own a massive 1925 mansion in the city’s Garden District. While you probably won’t be able to pay them a home visit anytime soon, you can certainly tour the scenic neighborhood and enjoy all the food the Big Easy has to offer.

9. Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia interior, Barcelona, Spain
The Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona's most popular spots for a reason.Photo Credit: Eustacio Humphrey / Viator

Beyoncé means ballin’ in Spanish.

Alongside daughter Blue Ivy, Bey and Jay checked out many of Barcelona’s top attractions back in 2014, including the towering Sagrada Familia, Gaudí’s unfinished masterpiece. (The chances of bumping into Beyoncé there are slim, but you can still book skip-the-line access to the impressive Catalan church.) And who could forget their 2018 performance at the Estadi Olímpic in Montjuïc? Not I. Take in the neighborhood from up high on the cable car.

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