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5 Best Weekend Getaways from Savannah

Up and down the coast, or head to the hills—there's a weekend getaway for everyone with Savannah as home base.
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Savannah reaps the benefits of warmer southern climes, beautiful coastal scenery, and amazing culinary traditions. And this historic city is not the only one in the American South to boast these perks. But nowadays, there are plenty of indoor dining restrictions and limitations on visiting typically bustling attractions, so it seems like we’ll have to get creative with our travel plans. So for Savannahans, you’re in luck. Here are our top five weekend getaways from Savannah for your travel wishlist.

1. Charleston, South Carolina

The streets of Charleston in South Carolina.
Charleston's unique charm sets it apart from the rest.Photo Credit: Jonathan Zeman / Unsplash

Drive time from Savannah: 2 hours / 100 miles (160 kilometers)

Sure, it’s only a 2-hour drive away, but Charleston’s unique charm and history set it apart from its southern neighbor. Charleston’s downtown also happens to be haunted, so if you’re looking to avoid the hearse crowds, you can certainly get a taste of some American history by touring Fort Sumter, which is the starting point of the Civil War. But you’d be remiss to visit Charleston without saving your appetite to tour its several amazing eateries. Global cuisine through a southern culinary tradition makes for unique takes on classic dishes.

2. Atlanta, Georgia

A bird eye's view of Atlanta, one of the South’s biggest cities.
Atlanta is one of the South's cultural capitals.Photo Credit: Kyle Sudu / Unsplash

Drive time from Savannah: 3.5 hours / 248 miles (400 kilometers)

How about a weekend getaway in the big city? Atlanta is one of the South’s biggest cities, and boasts a cultural influence in popular American culture. You may recognize it from the popular zombie show, The Walking Dead, and there are plenty of apocalyptic tours that visit the sights. Or you may even encounter some Stranger Things landmarks to bring sci-fi to reality. But there’s plenty of American history, too. Atlanta is home to many civil rights landmarks, and tours of famous neighborhoods with art, culture, and food will bring this experience to new heights.

3. Asheville, North Carolina

The scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountain range in Asheville.
Asheville is nestled in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountain range.Photo Credit: Airam Dato-on / Unsplash

Drive time from Savannah: 4.5 hours / 311 miles (500 kilometers)

Asheville has gained some serious name recognition as of late for a burgeoning art and music scene and famous regional cuisine that brings in out-of-towners from all directions. And what’s best is that the city is nestled in a little valley in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. There are plenty of outdoor hiking tours that feature waterfalls and views of the iconic mountain range (ohh, so that’s why they’re called Blue Ridge). Once you got your nature fix, you can head to the legendary Biltmore Estate and its surrounding gardens to see the staggering 178,926-square-foot (16,623-square-meter) mansion that once housed an esteemed Vanderbilt family.

4. Miami, Florida

Cars drive on the road in Miami.
Miami feels worlds apart from its neighbors to the north.Photo Credit: Lance Asper / Unsplash

Drive time from Savannah: 7 hours / 485 miles (780 kilometers)

Just a 7-hour drive down the Atlantic coast and you’ll feel like you’re in a different world. Miami is one of the cultural capitals of the south, with a vibrant Cuban community that influences the music, food, and art found throughout the city. You can start by exploring Little Havana on foot to get a taste of the famous eateries. You can also check out the iconic art deco architecture throughout the city (with a cocktail in hand, of course). If something more pastoral floats your boat (ahem), then you can take an airboat ride through the Everglades to see this pristine UNESCO World Heritage Site ... and maybe even some gators if you’re lucky.

5. Outer Banks, North Carolina

A lighthouse at dusk in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Decamp for a long weekend in these unique line islands.Photo Credit: Kyle Calhoun / Unsplash

Drive time from Savannah: 7.5 hours / 500 miles (800 kilometers)

If you feel like decamping for a long weekend, then the Outer Banks might be up your alley. Situated on the outer coastline of North Carolina, these line islands are a truly unique landscape with plenty of ocean views. Spend a day out on the open ocean with a deep-sea fishing expedition, or keep it close to shore on an open-air tour of a wild horse conservancy. And why waste all the access to open water without a kayak expedition or two? Our quarantine selves deserve the fresh air.

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