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Don’t-Miss Dishes in Las Vegas

Read on for more about don't-miss dishes in Las Vegas.

Don’t-Miss Dishes in Las Vegas
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High rollers rub elbows with circus performers at Las Vegas restaurants that go from all-day breakfast buffets to late-night taco joints. In recent years, an influx of celebrity chefs has raised the stakes on local cuisine, turning Las Vegas into a foodie destination in its own right. Be sure to try these classic dishes on your next trip to Sin City.


In keeping with the over-the-top approach that defines the Vegas scene, steaks in this city are as big as they get. Top-shelf spots feature Kobe beef, but there’s a steak for every pocketbook, and budget-friendly prime rib remains a favorite.


It’s a meal, not a menu item, but brunch in Las Vegas might be the city’s defining food experience. This is where late-night partiers shake off the morning (or afternoon) fog, and the menu often includes ritzy perks such as seafood bars and free-flowing bubbly.

Shrimp cocktail

While you can still find examples of the bargain-basement shrimp cocktail that was once a Vegas essential, the signature Sin City dish has grown up since it was introduced in the 1950s. Today, different versions pop up across town, and most casino kitchens gives the classic a personal twist.


Las Vegas is blessed with a wealth of Mexican restaurants, and tacos here range from simple taco-truck classics to crunchy, deep-fried versions. They’ve become so popular that a wide variety of restaurants—Mexican or not—have their own takes.


Hours from the ocean in every direction, Las Vegas might seem like an unlikely spot to order lobster, but it gets pride of place on local menus. You’ll even find lobster dressing up classic comfort food here, whether it’s slipped into grilled-cheese sandwiches or enriching a cheesy plate of macaroni.


Blame it on Frank Sinatra, but spaghetti remains a favorite in Las Vegas—with or without meatballs. It has all the retro appeal of a night at the blackjack tables, and it’s a fitting tribute to Vegas’ Italian heritage.

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