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10 Epic Multi-Day Adventures Around the World

From America’s national parks to Mount Everest and ancient Greek wonders, these multi-day trips are the journeys of a lifetime.
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When it comes to travel, time is the ultimate luxury. Sometimes, more is more: taking a multi-day trip opens up a world of possibilities, whether you’re tracking elephant herds in Kenya, exploring Egyptian temples, or moving to Andalucia’s flamenco rhythms. Longer journeys can mean major planning, too, but that’s where a multi-day booking comes in. Each of these trips is all about getting an immersive experience without spending hours doing online research. Dream big—and skip the hassle—with 10 epic journeys that go to every corner of the globe.

1. See America’s wildest places

With 63 national parks that go from Hawaii’s active volcanoes to the coastal cliffs and beaches in Maine, the United States has a wealth of natural wonders. Some of the most spectacular parks are located within driving distance of each other in the country’s desert southwest, including Arches National Park, Zion National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park—they’re a road-tripper’s dream come true and you can visit them all on this tour.

10. Experience Taiwan’s temples and shrines

Compact Taiwan is tailor-made for travelers, with its temples, national parks, and Buddhist monasteries nestled into an island just 245 miles (395 kilometers) long. Visitors venturing beyond Taipei are rewarded with rich culture and natural beauty—beaches are booming in summer, but visiting in January and February offers a chance to see cherry trees blossom across the island.

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