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Remote Giftun Island in the Red Sea near Hurghada, Egypt

Itineraries for Your Trip to Hurghada

Hurghada locals share their perfect days.
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2 Days in Hurghada for First Timers

Curated by Sarah Iredalewho has lived in more than five countries.

With its white sands and Red Sea waters, Hurghada is ideal for sun, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. But away from the beaches, the resort also offers desert mountains, Bedouin culture, adventure sports, and family fun. Here’s how to sample them all on a 2-day break.

Day 1: Morning

Visitors flock to Hurghada for its gorgeous waters, so start out on the Red Sea. Experienced scuba divers can sail to marine-life spots such as Giftun Island, while first-timers can take trips that include tuition and introductory dives. If diving doesn’t float your boat, opt for a snorkeling cruise to areas known for their coral beds and dolphin sightings.

Day 1: Afternoon

Make more of the Red Sea with activities that let you experience its sea life without getting wet. A fishing trip is a treat for seasoned and newbie anglers, while a glass-bottom boat or submarine excursion is a great way for nonswimmers and young kids to view the underwater depths.

Day 1: Night

After an action-packed day, unwind with a Hurghada dinner-and-folklore-show package. Adults and kids will love relaxing over a traditional dinner before hitting the Alf Leila Wa Leila 1,001 Arabian Nights fantasia show. This outdoor extravaganza fuses Arabic horse-riding displays with traditional dance and music to make for a magical evening.

Day 2: Morning

Dip into history with a day trip to Luxor, southwest of Hurghada. While a tour means an early start, you’ll be rewarded with the stunning sights of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings. If you prefer to stay in Hurghada, discover the ‘Ghost City’ of Umm el Howeitat—its abandoned streets are a haunting window into bygone desert life.

Day 2: Afternoon

Following a morning’s exploring, switch to more laid-back activities. Choose the adrenaline rush of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) expedition into the desert, or go for family fun with a visit to Hurghada’s Jungle Aqua Park to enjoy its slides and pools.

Day 2: Night

Spend your last night absorbing the mystique of Hurghada’s desert. Book an ATV or 4WD tour into the mountains, and as the sun sets, enjoy a barbecue supper and folkloric displays. Many trips also include a stop at a Bedouin village and activities such as camel rides and stargazing to make your final evening extra special.

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