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Red Sea coastline in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Itineraries for Your Trip to Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh locals share their perfect days.
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2 Days in Sharm el Sheikh for First Timers

Curated by Theodora Sutcliffea freelance writer and recovering nomad.

With two days in Sharm El Sheikh, you’ll still likely choose to focus on the twin delights of desert and ocean. But you can also travel farther afield, trying your hand at scuba diving, heading out to desert islands, or scaling the mountain where some believe Moses received the Ten Commandments. Here’s what you need to know.

Day 1: Morning

The Red Sea’s clear waters, brilliant coral, and vibrant marine life make discovery a must. With two days in Sharm El Sheikh, you might want to spend the whole day exploring the reef, perhaps on an introduction to scuba or a snorkeling day cruise to Ras Mohammed National Park or Tiran Island.

Day 1: Afternoon

If you’re not having lunch on a boat, savor a seafood feast in a beachfront restaurant before enjoying some water sports. The calm waters are perfect for parasailing, and even nonsnorkelers can experience the Red Sea’s epic reef on a glass-bottom boat cruise.

Day 1: Night

Scaling Mount Sinai—and touring the ancient desert monastery of St. Catherine’s—is a Sharm El Sheikh essential for many, not least because the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dine early, then catch some shut-eye before you depart for the predawn climb the next day.

Day 2: Morning

Even if you’re not traveling all the way to St. Catherine’s, two days in Sharm El Sheikh allows you to venture farther into the desert. Start your second day with a 4WD safari with snorkeling included or a trip to the brilliant Colored Canyon. Along the way, discover the joys of Bedouin bread and tea.

Day 2: Afternoon

Alternatively, stay closer to home on a thrilling desert adventure. Choose a camelback ride through arid valleys and undulating dunes, the adrenaline kicks of an ATV safari, or even a combo tour. Explore around sunset when the colors of the desert are at their most beautiful.

Day 2: Night

However you’ve spent the day, wrap it up with perhaps the ultimate Sharm El Sheikh experience: a Bedouin barbecue with authentic entertainment. Feast by firelight as belly dancers perform and tanoura dancers spin, then look for constellations in the unpolluted night sky.

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