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Top 4 Diving Spots in Sharm El Sheikh for Beginner Scuba Divers

From White Knight to Gardens, here's where to dive.

A Red Sea diving spot in Sharm El Sheikh
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Lapping the shores of Sharm El Sheikh, the warm, clear waters of the Red Sea support a colorful reef that nurtures tropical marine life from clownfish to lionfish, from turtles to rays. Many Sharm El Sheikh dive spots offer shallower depths and/or limited current, making them perfect for beginner divers or trial scuba dives. Here are our top picks.

Naama Bay

The rocks and waters of Sharm el Sheikh's dive area Naama Bay.
Naama Bay on a sunny day.Photo Credit: Birdiewithvalise / Shutterstock

Boasting a shallow incline, sandy bottom, coral pinnacles, and seagrass patches that draw both turtles and rays, Naama Bay is a popular option for dives from discovery packages to training courses. And it’s well-located for hotel transfers, too.

Sharks Bay

The bright blue waters of Sharm el Sheikh's Sharks Bay.
The clear waters of Sharks Bay.Photo Credit: Paulo Henrique Vilella / Shutterstock

Despite the name, you won’t see any sharks at Sharks Bay. Vibrant coral gardens and sandy practice areas make this a great choice for scuba courses and beginner divers. Keep your eyes peeled for unusual creatures such as octopus, cuttlefish, and Spanish dancers—fish that resemble a flamenco dancer’s billowing scarlet skirt.

White Knight

A tropical fish at Sharm el Sheikh's White Knight area.
Corals in White Knight.Photo Credit: Serhii Yushkov / Shutterstock

Beginner divers don’t need to miss out on underwater drama at this ever-popular site. In addition to the coral wall, the eel garden, where marine eels pop out of the sand and undulate as if in the wind, is delightful. Thrill seekers will love the underwater canyon accessed either from above or through a short, shallow tunnel. 


The corals and fish of Sharm el Sheikh's Gardens.
The marine life of Gardens.Photo Credit: Anna Segeren / Shutterstock

Three sites in one, Gardens is perfect for qualified open-water divers looking to extend their skills. Near Garden has an interesting coral wall; Middle Garden is sheltered with pretty reef and a sandy bottom where you might see stingrays; and Far Garden offers coral pinnacles that sometimes draw big fish from far out at sea.