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10 US Food Tours That Will Keep You Stuffed This Thanksgiving

Once you’re done with the turkey and trimmings, the real feasting begins—enjoy a foodie day out during the long Thanksgiving weekend on these 10 tasty tours.

Thanksgiving meal
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Thanksgiving may be about getting together with loved ones and practicing gratitude, but for food lovers, this holiday is all about the feasting. Leftover sandwiches aside, though, Thanksgiving is just one meal, and there’s still a long weekend to celebrate. If you want to extend the festive feel, follow up your mashed potatoes and gravy with one of these 10 inspired food tours. From the bustle of Manhattan’s Lower East Side to the buzz of Los Angeles, you can look forward to discovering delicious bites, soaking up local history, and enjoying one more way to indulge.

3. Pair Charleston history with Lowcountry cooking

Southern hospitality is on offer on this walking tour of food-loving Charleston—not to mention Lowcountry classics. In between sampling everything from grits to Carolina-style barbecue (plus Thanksgiving-adjacent favorites including cornbread and biscuits), you’ll learn all about the communities and cultures that have made Charleston such a culinary destination.

6. Enjoy an introduction to Cuban cooking in Miami

Miami’s Little Havana is home to a thriving Cuban community—and a plenitude of family-owned Cuban restaurants, bakeries, and cafés. For a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving experience, head out on this walking tour, and follow your guide to neighborhood hotspots, where you’ll try everything from seafood and empanadas to Cuban coffee and guava pastries.

7. Try Philadelphia’s best-known specialties

Philadelphia is home to one of the largest Thanksgiving Day parades in the country—which is probably no coincidence, because the City of Brotherly Love takes its food seriously. You’ll need a breather between finishing off your pumpkin pie and embarking on this food tour, where you’ll taste Philly classics from cheesesteaks and soft pretzels to tomato pie (and even dessert at the historic Reading Terminal Market).

9. Visit Downtown LA’s foodie hotspots

On this small-group tasting tour of Downtown Los Angeles, you won’t just pair your bites with that endless LA sun, you’ll also discover an emerging foodie hub in the City of Angels. Follow your guide to local highlights such as the historic Grand Central Market, and look forward to nibbling pastries, chowing down on barbecue, and even exploring an artisan cheese shop.

10. Explore one of Atlanta’s coolest (and tastiest) neighborhoods

Inman Park is one of Atlanta’s hippest neighborhoods, in no small part thanks to its top-tier dining scene—and this food tour makes exploring simple. In between soaking up the leafy ambiance of this historic area, and strolling the popular BeltLine, you’ll also visit Krog Street Market, will sample regional cuisine, and can enjoy cocktails on the side.

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