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Where To Stay on Maui
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From luxury resorts lining white sand beaches to cabins tucked away in lush forests, Maui has a spot for every type of tropical vacation seeker. To find an area with the scenery, weather, and activities you prefer, read on to learn more about the top vacation towns on the Valley Isle. 


A historic whaling village on Maui’s sunny west coast, Lahaina’s quaint downtown sits right on the harbor and provides the perfect getaway for beachgoers, artists, and history buffs. Plus, numerous adventures such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and whale watching depart from Lahaina. The town’s rich history also makes it the ideal spot to attend a traditional luau. 


Known for having one of the best beaches in Maui, Kaanapali is also home to some of the island’s top oceanside restaurants and resorts. Located a 10-minute drive up the west coast from Lahaina, Ka’anapali is a great jumping-off point for those seeking adventures on land or sea. For a unique view of the coastline, thrill-seekers can zipline over the picturesque white-sand shores and lush valleys. 


A remote island paradise far from the shopping and resorts of Maui’s bustling tourist hubs, Hana is a small village at the end of the famous Hana Highway. Set on the rugged east coast, Hana is the place to go if you are looking for solitude, black sand beaches, and waterfalls. To avoid navigating the narrow, arduous highway to reach Hana, book a tour that lets you take in the scenery while someone else does the driving.


For luxury resorts, beaches, and golf courses along Maui’s south coast, head to Wailea. South Maui is known for being dry and sunny and offers all of the modern-day comforts alongside nearby outdoor adventures. While staying in Wailea you can explore the surrounding area on kayaking and snorkeling tours that take in the vibrant marine life both above and below the surface.


Perched on the slopes of Haleakala Crater, Kula is set in Maui’s upcountry and provides a rural, mountain vacation. It's surrounded by farms and conveniently located close to the many adventures within Haleakala National Park. Among its activities are coffee plantation tours, mountain biking down Haleakala, and watching the sunrise from the top of the volcano. Kula is perfect for coffee lovers, thrill seekers, and those looking for something off the beaten path.

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