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10 Top-Rated Black History and Cultural Tours in the US

Learn more about Black history across the country.

The Martin Luther King statue
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Black history and culture are among the bedrocks of modern-day American life. From the civil rights movement and soul food to hip-hop and gospel music, there's a lot to love and learn about in equal measure. With that in mind, here are 10 of the top-rated Black history and cultural tours across major US cities.

4. Opt for a hip-hop tour of Harlem, New York City

Hip-hop music began in New York City, and there’s no better way to explore this iconic genre than on an insider’s tour of Harlem led by a hip-hop historian. This exclusive experience takes you on an interactive musical journey to hotspots including Harlem jazz clubs, the Apollo Theater, and the Graffiti Wall of Fame to uncover the origins and evolution of hip-hop.

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