Pizzeria Uno
Pizzeria Uno

Pizzeria Uno

Ingenting säger Chicago som pizza med djuprätt, och Pizzeria Uno kan vara födelseplatsen för allt. Den ursprungliga djupskålspizzan sägs ha skapats av Pizzeria Uno för cirka 70 år sedan, en pizzastil som fortsatte att bli en kollektiv ikon för mat för en hel nation, nej världen.

1943, strax före slutet av andra världskriget, öppnade Ike Sewell sin hörnstenpizzaföretag med en skorpa så tjock som en paj och lika smörig. En omedelbar sensation, Sewell fortsatte progressiva pizzainnovationer med en tjock marinara sås, och därmed föddes en legend. Idag har Pizzeria Uno över 140 platser över hela världen - var och en serverar det som nu är känt som signaturen Chicago deep dish pizza. Läckra och rörande heta, om du är i Chicago kan du inte missa denna ikoniska amerikanska måltid.

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29 E Ohio St., Chicago, Illinois, 60611

The Basics

There is much argument about the true origins of deep-dish pizza, but most can agree that Pizzeria Uno was, if not the birthplace of deep-dish, key in popularizing the style. This legendary local landmark still wears its 1940s trappings with elegance, including its pressed-tin ceiling, tiled floor, and long wooden bar.

Hearty, cheesy, and over-the-top decadent, the deep-dish pizza here is prepared with a thin layer of crust molded into a pie dish, which is then layered with “toppings” on the bottom and filled with cheese before being topped with ladlefuls of chunky tomato sauce. Up to several inches thick and perfect for the city’s frigid winters, this Chicago signature is best at the source—and given Pizzeria Uno’s convenient location, it’s easy to visit as part of a Downtown pizza crawl.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Don’t expect your order to come out right away: Deep-dish pizza can take up to 30–40 minutes to bake, so prepare to wait for your meal.
  • Looking for something else to try? The restaurant also offers appetizers, salads, pasta, and Italian beef sandwiches.
  • Remember, compared to other pizzas, deep-dish is so filling that you may only eat a couple slices.
  • If the restaurant is full, you may still be in luck: Pizzeria Due (“Pizzeria Two”), also founded by Sewell, is right across the street inside a Victorian building.
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How to Get There

Pizzeria Uno is at 29 E. Ohio St., at the intersection with North Wabash Avenue, in the River North neighborhood. The nearest station, Grand Street, is on the Red Line and just two blocks away. The area is also served by several bus lines and isn’t far from the Michigan Avenue ferry terminal, for those taking the Chicago Water Taxi.

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When to Get There

The original Pizzeria Uno location is open daily, from late in the morning until late in the evening (Pizzeria Due maintains similar opening hours). It tends to be busiest during weekends and the heights of summer vacation, so plan on coming early or visiting on a weekday to avoid the crowds.

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Essential Chicago Pizzerias

Pizzeria Uno is one of Chicago’s best-known pizzerias, and it’s not alone. Other local purveyors that specialize in deep-dish or stuffed pizza include Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East, Giordano’s, Nancy’s, Pequod’s, and more. Embark on a Chicago pizza tour to sample numerous takes on the city’s culinary claim to fame.

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