Taft Point
Taft Point

Taft Point

Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Valley, California, 95389

The basics

Book a hiking tour to visit Taft Point, Glacier Point, and Sentinel Dome without worrying about navigating and getting around the park. To visit on your own, park near the Taft Point Trailhead off Glacier Point Road (which closes during winter) and hit the Pohono Trail—it's a moderate 2.2-mile round-trip hike (3.5 kilometers) and should take no more than two hours. Reach the viewpoint at the cliff's edge and peer straight down into Yosemite Valley and the crown of El Capitan.

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Things to know before you go

  • The hike to the viewpoint is moderately challenging, with 200 feet (60 meters) of elevation gain.

  • Find restrooms at the trailhead and in the overflow parking lot.

  • Pets are not allowed on hiking trails.

  • The weather in Yosemite can be unpredictable. Dress in layers and wear sturdy shoes. Carry plenty of drinking water and a map.

  • The trail is only accessible when Glacier Point Road is open, roughly late May through October or November.

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How to get there

The Taft Point Trailhead is about 30 miles (50 kilometers) west and south of the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center. Your best bet is to drive: From Yosemite Valley or Wawona, take Wawona Road (Highway 41), and turn east onto Glacier Point Road. You have the option of hiking through Glacier Point to Taft Point along the Four Mile Trail, but be warned—it's a strenuous 4–5-hour hike each way.

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When to get there

Glacier Point Road provides the only reliable access to the Taft Point Trailhead and closes due to snowfall from late October to May or June, but dates can vary significantly based on the weather. Visit in late spring, summer, or early fall to ensure the road is open, and arrive as early as possible to ensure you can find parking.

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Top easy hikes in Yosemite National Park

There's no better way to experience the beauty of Yosemite than hiking, and the national park offers easy hikes that day trippers can enjoy. Close to the visitor center, the 1–mile (1.6 kilometers) Lower Yosemite Falls Trail is a great place to start. Farther afield, the 2–mile (3.2 kilometers) Mirror Lake Trail is a little more challenging. Outside the valley, reaching Glacier Point hardly requires hiking at all.

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