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10 Black Travel Creators Who Will Spark Your Wanderlust

Travel the world without leaving your bedroom.

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Hello. Hola. Bonjour. Ciao. 你好. Viator's global community has traveled the world in search of local knowledge and connections to help travelers find and experience the best things to do.

From blogs to Instagram, travel creators abound. Whether you want to read tips for traveling solo as a woman or would rather just scroll through picture-perfect feeds full of travel photos that look like they were pulled from the pages of a magazine, these are our picks for the 10 Black travel creators to follow.

Jessica Ufuoma

Jessica Ufuoma gazes off a balcony.
Jessica Ufuoma is a great resource for solo travel.Foto: Jessica Ufuoma


Toronto-based Jessica Ufuoma of the eponymous travel blog The Ufuoma created her platform to both inspire people to travel and give them the tools needed to make those travel dreams a reality. “I believe that everyone deserves to see the beauty of the world, no matter the color of their skin, economic status, or the color of their passport. I wanted to show people that they can travel despite the odds.”

Her favorite place to visit?Lake Atitlán ... a serene and stunning area that makes you truly appreciate the beauty of nature. Guatemala surprises you in the best way possible. This country will blow your mind with its beauty.”

One destination she’d recommend to other Black travelers?Colombia! There's nothing quite as good as traveling to a country and feeling instantly welcome ... and that is exactly how Colombia feels. Visit Cartagena specifically [where] you'll see many people who look like you.”

Sabrina Ross

Sabrina Ross poses on a boat
Sabrina Ross is a must-follow for incredible travel pics.Foto: Sabrina Ross


Avid adventurer Sabrina Ross’ travel account was initially a personal scrapbook of her travels. However, it wasn’t long before people were reaching out to connect with her over their love of exploring the world. “I realized that just by sharing my travel experiences as a black woman, I was adding a level of representation [to] the travel community. This inspired me to dedicate my page to black travel.”

Her favorite place to visit? So far, Tanzania. “It’s my dream to traverse the entirety of the beautiful continent of Africa, but this country is definitely a great place to start. As a black person, and as someone who is part of the African diaspora, it’s important to me to get to know, intimately, the richness and diversity of African countries and their cultures. It’s hard to describe, but it feels somewhat like coming home.”

One destination she’d recommend to other Black travelers?Accra, Ghana is such a vibe. I spent only about a day there but I’m itching to go back!”

Yaya and Lloyd

Lloyd and Yaya sit on chairs looking out over a fantastic view
Yaya and Lloyd are the creators behind Hand Luggage Only.Foto: Hand Luggage Only


Yaya and Lloyd are the brains behind popular travel account @handluggageonly and authors of a travel guide of the same name. Although their latest project focuses on tips and tricks for making the most of England, Scotland, and Wales, they created Hand Luggage Only “as a way to share our experiences with like-minded travellers and show how beautifully diverse the world is!”

Their favorite place to visit?Vancouver is an incredible city for its vibe, welcoming spirit, and access to nature.”

One destination Yaya would recommend to other Black travelers?Iceland.

Clé Hunnigan

Clé Hunnigan looks down the camera holding a burning torch.
Clé Hunnigan is a travel storyteller.Foto: Clé Hunnigan


Clé Hunnigan—who dropped out of law school, took up photography, and booked a one-way ticket to the Middle East—believes in the power of stories. “As a black man, traveling in this unique setting, I was usually the odd one out but I was determined to normalize my experience. My work is dedicated to my travels ... but also to finding, celebrating, and documenting those unique stories that make our grand world appear smaller.”

His favorite place to visit? Like Jessica, Clé loves Guatemala, “for its diversity of landscapes, culture, history and stories, from the Garifuna community living on the Caribbean coast of Livingston to the heritage of Mayan culture on the shores of Lake Atitlán.”

One destination he’d recommend to other Black travelers?Ghana. It's a place where you can be completely yourself. It represents home and helps you make sense of history, culture, forgotten tradition—and you get a better idea of what it feels like to be celebrated as a black person.”

Smiling African America couple looking at their phone.
Check out these other inspiring Black travel creators.Foto: PeopleImages.com - Yuri A / Shutterstock

Other Black travel creators we love

Ciara Johnson (@hey_ciara)

Travel blogger and creator Ciara Johnson of Hey Ciara is the person to follow if you’re looking for tips on traveling solo, photos that will spark intense wanderlust, and the inspo you need to tackle exciting experiences—think: skydiving.

The Hambrick Family (@thetravelingchild)

Who said having children meant you could wave goodbye to traveling the world? Not the Hambrick Family—made up of mom and dad Monet and James, and kids Jordyn and Kennedy—that’s for sure. After all, their motto is “if kids live there, kids can visit” and their blog has kid-friendly travel tips for destinations around the world.

Jessica Nabongo (@jessicanabongo)

The first Black woman to visit every country in the world, Jessica Nabongo is the founder of The Catch Me If You Can travel blog. Understandably a treasure trove of tips and destinations, as well as some especially excellent photos, she’s the person to follow if you’re about to embark on an adventure.

Elton Anderson Jr. (@eltonandersonjr)

Known for his vibrant feed, inspirational captions, and more recent journey to self-awareness, Elton Anderson Jr. is a travel influencer and photographer whose photos will have you itching to visit wherever he happens to be, whether that’s Ghana, Brazil, or New Orleans.

Francesca Murray (@onegrloneworld)

Garifuna blogger Francesca Murray (aka One Girl One World) combines beauty and travel with ease on both her blog and Instagram. From solo travel in Puerto Rico to CBD beauty product reviews, her posts (and pictures) will have you on your way to passport stamps and perfect skin.

O. Christine (@ochristine)

Bronx-born Afro-Latina O. Christine blogs about her travels with a focus on health, wellness, and appreciating the great outdoors. With experience of visiting over 35 countries—all while managing lupus symptoms—O. Christine’s Instagram is the ideal inspiration for anyone with chronic illness who wants to jet off on an adventure.

Traveling friends in China Town.
These creators will have you ready to pack your bags.Foto: Kikujiarm / Shutterstock

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