Historisk Savannah Theatre 3 timmars undersökning

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Historic Savannah Theatre 3 Hour Investigation
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Ta del av en paranormal undersökning på Historic Savannah Theatre på denna interaktiva natttur. Med hjälp av högteknologisk spökjaktutrustning som värmekameror och EMF-detektorer kommer du att utvärdera bevisen på paranormal aktivitet samtidigt som du lär dig allt om den hemsökta historien om detta 200-åriga Savannah-landmärke. Gå bortom Savannahs typiska spökturer och fördjupa dig i denna flera timmar långa upplevelse.
  • Besök den historiska Savannah Theatre medan du undersöker paranormal aktivitet
  • Få en detaljerad titt på en av de äldsta teatrarna i USA
  • Turnén tillhandahåller högteknologisk spökjaktsutrustning
  • En varaktighet på cirka tre timmar låter dig utforska på djupet

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  • Paranormal undersökningsutrustning

    Meeting and Pickup


    • Savannah Theatre
      222 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA

      Undersökningen kommer att börja på Chippewa Square precis utanför Historic Savannah Theatre




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    Historic Savannah Theatre

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    Three generation ghost hunters
    Rennie_B, apr. 2024
    If you like ghost hunting you will love this place . We had alot of activity on the stage and in the dressing room.
    Great experience and fun!
    John_S, apr. 2024
    Having equipment for us to use was amazing! Really fun experience! Will definitely do it again next time in Savannah.
    Moon hunt
    Mike_T, apr. 2024
    Pretty cool for the most part, but when you have 10 or 12 people wandering around hap-hazardly, it doesn't fall under my definition of an "investigation" I think all these people paid their money and went in expecting to see a ghost..........NOT how it works..The leader was very knowledgeable about the history of the building, so I would probably do it again, just to have something to do---- DEFINITELY not to collect evidence
    If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, just say “Hello”
    Staci_F, apr. 2024
    This experience was amazing! The TIE team was amazing and definitely enjoy what they do. You come in and you are immediately Malik bombards you with “Why are you here?!?”. Some people were confused that perhaps they were in the wrong place but they weren’t. The answer to his question, is saying loud and proud “GHOSTS!”. The team then went over the safety rules, the theatre, equipment, and the residents. The most spirited for us that night was Steven. He enjoyed joking with us and answering simple clear questions. Elizabeth “Lizzie” came through a few times with her sing song voice. Bill and Bob were active in the men’s dressing room. My daughter who is 13 had a physical experience from Bob. Bob’s backstory was he would SA young actresses (13-15yrs old). So this was definitely scary. He grabbed her around her neck, the team had to intervene and tell him, he was not allowed to do that. Bob definitely tried to degrade the women in the group by calling us “C U Next Tuesday” and it only made us women antagonize him more. Haha. George in the projection room was active with the ghost bell and you can experience a heavy feeling in your chest (he died in that room of a heart attack). The ghosts of Ben and his father (at least for me) were sporadic in their interactions with us. At the close of the night we converged back in the lobby, sharing our stories and heading out the door with new eyes in the paranormal. Highly recommend this activity over the walking or trolley tours on ghosts.
    Worth it
    Lisa_W, apr. 2024
    The other participants they made it all worth while as it seemed to be the guys doing it it was still fun regardless
    Spooky and fun 👻
    Stefanie_T, mars 2024
    We loved being able to use the different devices when hunting as it really added to the experience! The tour guides gave such an amazing tour and even gave us stories of what they have experienced there and at their other spots! Highly recommend!!
    Nice experience to many people at one time.
    Keith_C, mars 2024
    To many people in the group. There was constantly people moving around and wear the head sets all you could hear is people laughing and talking. Very disappointed thought it would be a small group. Would also like to spend overnight in the theater for a higher price of course. Just groups of 2 or 3 take reservations.
    Worth the trip!
    Jennifer_R, mars 2024
    Given the chance to roam the theater on our own with equipment was awesome! The guides were never too far away so we could always ask questions. We'll be back.
    Very fun and eye opening...
    Madison_E, mars 2024
    Very fun and eye opening experience! I connected best with the Elizabeth! Most spirits are very kind!
    Nice place, nice people but not for us
    Leann_D, mars 2024
    This is a good event for beginners to the Paranormal community and investigations. I believe that there are more participants booked than the space is appropriate for. Makes it difficult to investigate without interruption. The event holders were very nice and full of information but that information took up almost half of the time given to investigate. For what is accomplished I believe that the price is a bit steep. It was fun to do once but would only recommend to newbies who want a lot of history and not those serious about investigating.
    Something is there, but it wasn’t very active
    Candy_T, mars 2024
    The rim pods went off quite a bit in the back dressing room, but we didn’t see anything. We heard faint cello music in a dark stairwell in the balcony.
    I saw shadows even before...
    April_D, mars 2024
    I saw shadows even before our investigation began. There is definitely a creepy vibe to the place, but we had so much fun learning the history and walking the theater in the dark. 100/10 would highly recommend to anyone!
    Paradigm shift, very highly recommended.
    Donald_B, feb. 2024
    My wife Michele and I joined the investigation team with Kat and Aires on the night of 17th of February 2024. After greetings and introductions, we were instructed in the use of the detection equipment and were shown several examples of previously collected evidence. The equipment consisted of handheld EMF detectors, REM-POD EMF proximity detectors which were placed in selected hot spots, infrared cameras and high sensitivity digital recorders and headphones. I was impressed with the strict adherence to accepted scientific practice and the vigor with which the team attempts to debunk any evidence collected. Kat and Aries are passionate about their field of interest and extremely professional, they know this every corner of this theatre and its history in great detail and where activity has been detected. We were given a tour, given its history and were directed to the areas where activity has previously been detected. During the familiarization tour, with the full group, the REM-POD EMF proximity detector in the Mirror Room was very active, rapidly shifting through its full range of colors to indicate proximity, and seemingly in response to questions or comments by KAT. However, with the entire group in such close proximity and many of them carrying electronic devices this did not surprise me. The team recommended that phones be placed in airplane mode to eliminate interference, but it is unclear if all guests complied. My wife and I turned ours off before we arrived. As we were part of a large group of 24, we were split into 3 teams to eliminate interference, and were given separate areas to begin our investigation. My team began in the Mirror Room, and while the REM-POD had previously been very active here, it was now silent. We remained in this location and the adjacent small dressing room for approx. 25 minutes. The teams then mostly separated to explore on their own, and my wife and I proceeded down the "Creepy Hallway" towards the original rear brick wall of the theatre. I carried the digital recorder and handheld EMF detector. After making the turn from stage-left, I heard a child's voice playfully (almost mockingly) say "missed me, missed me". I immediately turned and asked my wife if she had heard anything, she hadn't. We completed our investigation, exploring the remainder of the theatre with nothing out of the ordinary presenting itself, eventually returning to the landing that serves as a base station and has the monitor with images from static infrared cameras situated throughout the theatre. There I met Kat and described the EVP event. She immediately examined the recorder, found the correct timestamp and we clearly heard the child's voice say "missed me, missed me", followed by my inquiry to my wife. As the other teams gathered, Kat replayed the clip numerous times, and they all heard the voice. Kat also stated that this was a voice she had never heard. We had a couple in another team who were armed with their own personal low-light cameras. They excitedly shared a video they had captured from the stage, looking up towards the balcony. This seemingly showed some sort of misshapen entity walking across the balcony and stopping to lean on the balcony railing. It did not appear to be a normal human form. Kat immediately found the correct timestamp on the balcony IR camera and found a member of my team to be responsible. This was a great disappointment as the image was eerily compelling, but I was quite impressed with the scientific rigor that Kat and Aries used to investigate and explain the video that was captured. I visited the main Truth in Evidence (TIE) office in Savannah the following morning and spoke with Mike Eder, the owner. I described my experience, and he was very excited to review the recording. Again, his passion for the subject did not diminish his professionalism and adherence to the scientific method. I am confident that any evidence that the TIE investigators collect has been subjected to intense scrutiny in an effort to explain it. This is a fun, exciting and very interesting tour, we never felt any sort of fear or unease in the theatre and are confident that Mike and his TIE team are serious investigators in their chosen field of research. This was an experience that has permanently changed my perspective on the paranormal and I am sure that I will relate this event many times in the future. For my part, I jumped into the experience with an open mind, willing to explore something I don't fully understand. Both verbally and consciously, I positively encouraged and invited any energies present to interact. I am satisfied that I experienced a true and extraordinary paranormal event at the Savannah Theatre, and I highly recommend the activity to anyone interested in the paranormal. I, Donald E. Barnard, do solemnly swear and avow that the preceding statement is entirely my own and is true and factual to the best of my knowledge and recollection. Dated 19, February 2024.
    Do THIS! Amazing!!
    Vance_T, feb. 2024
    Cat & Mika were incredible during the entire experience! Their storytelling, explaining the rich history of the Theatre & Savannah was just awesome. We had some crazy interactions through the ghost box and with emf detectors. Worth every penny!
    Absolutely must do!!!
    Thomas_G, feb. 2024
    This was our first paranormal investigation and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We originally booked the Savannah Theatre and were advised prior that we would be the only 2 investigating, however we also had the option to investigate at Moon River Brewing and we opted for this and it was phenomenal. All of the equipment being used was explained prior. A detailed history of the building, occupants that were in the building, and uses of the building were explained. Interesting enough, the investigators revealed new newspaper articles of 2 possible suicides that occurred in the building. We had a lot of activity towards the beginning of the night and not so much at the end. This obviously cannot be controlled by anyone. A lot of us were experiencing the same symptoms in different parts of the investigation which was CREEPY! Definitely want to do another investigation. 👻
    Best paranormal tour!
    James_F, jan. 2024
    The tour guides were very friendly and very knowledgeable. Very interesting tour. The equipment was top notch, lots of ghost activity! We loved it.
    Lights out frights out…. Best experience ever
    7tvcx7cw29, jan. 2024
    I came into this experience with a little knowledge on the haunted spiritual world due to watching all of the shows and wanted to experience it first hand. I know TV can sensationalize experiences, but I wanted to see if there was really means of communicating with energy or spirits. Not only did we get the best duo in leading the locked team, but Cat and Micah were super professional, knowledgeable and fun to enjoy this experience with. We were given all of the equipment we could ask for (recording devices, 4K night vision camera, k2 meters) with the team placing certain advance devices in major hot spots for interaction. I will say navigating the theater by my self made me super nervous. However, with Cat and Micah helping thoroughout the theater, we began to navigate confidently throughout the spaces. One of my best experiences was in the mirror room. My wife and I happen to make it all the way to the creepy hallway near the mirror room and do some investigating. One team caught up with us and Cat walked in behind them to lead us to another room. The mirror room instantly boomed with activity. From Cat speaking to then ghost and getting intelligent responses from the rem pod to the spirit boxes telling us “I’m not playing games” from two seperate devices. This was an awesome experience. I will say. Without the creepy music on TV, the experiences are much more calming than frightening because you realize the spirits are around but they aren’t malicious. I will say, I felt several cold spots and seen plenty of unexplainable shadows moving around the theater. If you are in to overcoming fear and seeking a thrill in the dark, this is it for sure. A great way to get your feet wet in paranormal activity. Thank you so much Cat and Micah. I can’t wait to do it again.
    One of the best!
    Jacey_H, jan. 2024
    We had an amazing experience here for a school trip, 10/10 would recommend! The tour guides were energetic and full of history and facts. It’s definitely worth the money.
    Best Old Theater!!!
    Van_U, jan. 2024
    Capturing EVPS of Ben. The equipment available was awesome. Aries and Bailey were very kind. Savannah, Ga. Is a blast!
    Great Time!
    Jeffrey_W, jan. 2024
    Great time. They had all the good equipment to use. Lots of ghost communication. Cat & Aries were informative, helpful and did a wonderful job! You won't be disappointed!

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