Amazon River
Brown wooden houses floating on the Amazon River, Iquitos
Brown wooden houses floating on the Amazon River, Iquitos

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The mighty Amazon River and its enormous, thickly forested basin are the heart of South America and the guardian of 20 percent of the Earth's fresh water. Visitors from around the globe come to Iquitos to cruise the river's storied waters and catch a glimpse of diverse fauna both above and below the surface.

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Michael_A, Sep 2023
3day 2 night stay at Heliconia Lodge
The staff were very helpful, especially our guide Manuel, who was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Our only disappointment was we didn’t get to see many animals but to be fair to do this you need to do a multi day trek deeper into the jungle which we weren’t prepared to do.
HILA_Z, Aug 2023
It was nice and interesting, especially the combination of the rivers. The guide was very pleasant and nice and considerate of our personal needs. recommended
Bhaveshbhai_P, Sep 2023
Brilliant day trip to see Manaus and experience the Amazon
Brilliant trip to sample the main sights of Manaus old town and then the Negro and Amazon river. It is a good few hours for this tour so we started on time to view the origin of Manaus. Erivando was our guide. He was from Manaus originally so showed us the sites and explained everything. A highlight was the opera house (ticket included in the price of the tour) and the markets. Then we drove to the boat dock to start on the river Negro with Dennis who showed us to our lunch place and then we sailed through the Amazon canals to the meeting of the waters. That was an amazing spectacle. We arrived back ashore and then got dropped back at our hotel.
Reem_S, Sep 2023
Amazon adventure
The trip over all was great and deserves 5 stars . The tour guide Aldinei has done a great job , very knowledgeable about the area and very adventurous as well , he made us enjoy very much all the tour activities .. the boat is small with 4 cabins for the guests so it feels very much private .. the cook Nicie has made great dishes for us, the caption made everything smooth during the boat ride all through the trip . The views from the boat were fantastic and the wild life viewing trips were amazing ,. the only comment I would add that may make things better is that it was not mentioned in the tour itinerary when I booked that the night on day 2 we sleep in the jungle , apparently that was the case and we were not prepared , that place has no bathroom or electricity or blankets or bug nets , only hammock, drinking water and dinner that they provide at the jungle and that is all until next morning and the main boat does not stay near the picnic place , has to navigate with a small boat to get in and out of that place ... but when we felt not comfortable with that Aldinei accommodated us right away and send us back to sleep on the boat after dinner in the jungle . Thanks again Aldinei . I highly recommend this trip for anyone would like to explore in the Amazon for few days.
People Also Ask
Q:Can you take a tour of the Amazon River?
A:Yes, you can join an Amazon River tour that explores the jungle or take an Amazon River cruise. Tours and cruises tend to depart from Manaus in Brazil, Coca in Ecuador, or Iquitos in Peru, and can last up to 15 days.
Q:How much does an Amazon River cruise cost?
A:Amazon River tickets for a cruise tend to start at around US$500—these are shorter trips (2–3 days) that prioritize affordability over luxury. Premium cruises with 5-star accommodation can cost up to US$14,000 for 15-day jaunts, but the standard 5-day mid-range options tend to cost you around US$2,000.
Q:What is the best month for an Amazon River cruise?
A:The best months for an Amazon River cruise are from May through October, which is the dry season in the rainforest. This is when water levels are lower and therefore easier for boats to navigate, and when temperatures are cooler. Prices are at their highest then, so consider visiting at the end of the rainy season for better deals.
Q:Are Amazon River cruises worth it?
A:Yes, Amazon River cruises are worth it—a cruise takes you right to the heart of the world's largest rainforest, and increases your chance of spotting rare mammals, birds, and reptiles, some of which you can only see in the Amazon. You'll also feel more immersed in nature than if you were just to take a day trip.
Q:What is included on an Amazon River cruise?
A:Amazon River cruises typically include all of your meals, accommodation in one of the boat's cabins, and activities in the rainforest—these range from fishing for piranhas, going on night walks to spot nocturnal creatures, kayaking and paddleboarding, and meeting Amazonian tribal communities. Some include airport transfers as well.
Q:What do you wear on an Amazon River cruise?
A:It always feels quite hot and humid in the Amazon rainforest during the day, so pack lightweight clothing, sturdy footwear for hiking, and a waterproof rain jacket in case you get caught in a downpour. Pack some long trousers for trekking and something warm for the evening, when it can feel a little cool after the heat of the day.