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Hollywood Hills
Hollywood Hills

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Perched in the Santa Monica Mountains north of Hollywood, the well-heeled neighborhood of Hollywood Hills offers a peaceful escape from the bustle of Los Angeles, with plenty of nature, open spaces, and panoramic views. It’s also home to the rich and famous, and features some of the most impressive architecture in the city.

  • Los Angeles, California

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What are people saying about Hollywood Hills

Catherine_H, Oct 2023
The views are AMAZING!
Besides being a fantastic walk up through the Hollywood Hills, the view from Mt Lee was AMAZING!! It was so cool being that close to the Hollywood Sign….loved every minute! Liz D was a fabulous guide….very informative but not overwhelming us with facts. She was great to chat with throughout the hike and gave us plenty of time up on Mt Lee. Highly recommend this unique Los Angeles experience !
Barbara_S, Nov 2023
Grateful hike
Great hike to thw Hollywood sign. Josh pur guide was dunny and such a good story teller. Would recommend to all.
Andrew_R, Oct 2023
Nice enjoyable hike to see some classic landmarks
The hike isn't that difficult and there are plenty of rest stops to pause. The views are very nice and you also get to see the Hollywood sign from the right side. Michael was a great guide and shared little tidbits of history about the area during the hike. Would recommend
Sultan_A, Oct 2023
Amazing views
Great way to see LA from above! Was the highlight of our trip and Peter was just the best pilot with great knowledge about the area. Highly recommended
People Also Ask
Q:Can you walk in the Hollywood Hills?
A:Yes, there are plenty of trails in the Hollywood Hills to walk or hike. Runyon Canyon is popular among average people and their dogs, as well as the occasional celebrity. You’ll be in the mountains over the city, so make sure to bring your phone or camera to take photos.
Q:Is Hollywood Hills a nice area?
A:Yes, the area around Hollywood Hills is generally safe with beautiful homes and a laidback feel. It’s up above the city, so you feel removed from the LA busyness below when you’re there. Plus, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and bars up in the Hollywood Hills, too.
Q:What is the best day to visit the Hollywood Hills?
A:Every day’s perfect for visiting the Hollywood Hills. If you want to go for a hike and you avoid crowds, stick to weekdays. However, plenty of walkers in Runyon Canyon are on the lookout for celebrities, so perhaps those hikers may want to shoot for busier Saturdays and Sundays to try their luck.
Q:What can you see on a Hollywood Hills tour?
A:Hollywood Hills tours generally take you to see the homes of celebrities, or at least the security walls in front of their mansions. You’ll see the Hollywood Sign and get great views from Mulholland Drive. Many tours combine the Hollywood Hills with other popular LA areas, too.
Q:Is seeing the Hollywood Hills worth it?
A:Yes, it’s worth it to see the Hollywood Hills at least once. Even if you can’t see inside celebrity homes, it's fun to know you’re in their neighborhood. Plus, a walk in the canyon is good for the soul, especially if you’re trying to escape the chaos of the city.
Q:Are there public restrooms in the Hollywood Hills?
A:No, you can’t rely on finding a public restroom in the Hollywood Hills. There are no public facilities at Runyon Canyon, and celebrities aren’t going to just open their doors for you. If you buy something at a cafe or restaurant, you might be able to use their bathroom, but it’s not guaranteed.