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An ancient sacred city, even older than the Giza Pyramids, Abydos was already a burial ground over 6,000 years ago. While many tombs at the site are still being excavated, highlights of it include the ruined Temple of Ramses II, the Temple of Seti I with its gorgeously decorated chapels, and the Osireion, dedicated to the god Osiris.

  • Abydos, New Valley

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Katalin_S, Nov 2023
A very pleasant trip into the past
Archeologist with PhD and a very experienced driver! What else you can imagine to see marvelous blue colors of Dandera and fine carvings of Abydos!
TERENCE_S, Nov 2023
Great temples and a great guide, but a very long day.
Both temples were amazing and it is unfortunate more people don't see them. Our guide was amazing, very knowledgeable about both sites. If you want to see Abydos and Dendera while you are staying in Luxor be aware this is a very good option. Be aware that these sites are a long way from Luxor and the roads are quite rough by Western standards - for us it took a lot longer than the 7 hour estimate.
Dustin_S, Oct 2023
Stunning Temples
Beautiful temples. If you have an extra day and want to see how people live outside Cairo this is a great trip. Our guide was great and showed us several areas in the temples I don't think we would have found (or understood) on our own. It is a lot of time in the car on sometimes bumpy roads - but we enjoyed a break from the chaos of Cairo/Luxor and the rustic scenery. If you're really into history, hieroglyphs, or authentic culture this is a must see. If not, you might want to skip it.
Maria_E, Sep 2023
Definitely recommended!
Hisham, the tour guide, speaks perfect English. He's willing to answer both tour related and non-related questions, and he is passionate about its work. At the end of the tour, he recommended and booked us a dinner in one of the best restaurants in Luxor. Joe will drive you easily around the most difficult streets in Egypt. We definitely recommend the tour!