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Travel Like Wednesday Addams at These 10 Gothic Destinations Around the World

Warning: The following destinations are both grimly divine and enchantingly Gothic, just like our girl Wednesday.

Travel Like Wednesday Addams at These 10 Gothic Destinations Around the World
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If you found yourself fangirling over the titular character from Netflix’s latest hit show, Wednesday, then it’s time to travel like Wednesday Addams would. From Gothic cathedrals to contemporary art museums, channel the Nevermore Academy and snap a photo in front of these aesthetically-pleasing architectural wonders from around the world. Pigtails and black attire, optional. (Or if you’re looking for a more behind-the-scenes feel, consider taking a tour of the real-life places the show was filmed. Whatever your cup of poison, we’ve got you covered.)

1. Milan Duomo

The Milan Duomo took nearly 600 years to complete. Photo Credit: Michele Ricucci / Shutterstock

Milan, Italy

The largest church in Italy and the third largest in the world, this grand cathedral—which took nearly 600 years to complete—is known for its compilation of spires and spikes. After admiring the cathedral, discover Milan’s cuisine on a fun food tour before amping up the drama in true Wednesday style by visiting nearby La Scala Opera House, one of the world’s most famous.

2. Gothic Quarter

Take a stroll through Barcelona's Gothic Square.Photo Credit: Lemon Tree Images / Shutterstock

Barcelona, Spain

Named after its Gothic architecture, we have a hunch that Wednesday Addams would fit right in at Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. This historic neighborhood is full of mysteries and secrets and it’s best experienced on a walking tour that includes multiple stops. Also consider making some time for the grandiose Barcelona Cathedral or the nearby neighborhood of El Born.

3. Westminster Abbey

Many royal coronations take place inside Westminster Abbey.Photo Credit: RangoZ / Shutterstock

London, England

This historic church looks like a large-scale version of Nevermore Academy and—as if that wasn’t reason enough to visit—Westminster Abbey is also where many royal coronations take place. It’s also home to multiple tombs and memorials including a Poets’ Corner which includes the remains of famous poets such as Ben Jonson, who’s buried upright. As a fellow writer, we’re certain Wednesday Addams would approve.

4. The Witchery

Consider dining at this hotel's highly regarded restaurant.Photo Credit: Euan C / Tripadvisor

Edinburgh, Scotland

Calling all witches! Although Wednesday Addams herself can’t book a night at this adults-only Gothic hotel, you should definitely try. The Witchery is located in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic Old Town and has nine uniquely decorated rooms. Once there, dine on Scottish cuisine at the hotel’s highly regarded dining room and explore the nearby Scotch Whisky Experience or the Scottish Parliament.

5. Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)

Bran Castle is where the myth of Dracula originated.Photo Credit: Kanuman / Shutterstock

Bran, Romania

Located within Transylvania, this castle allegedly once belonged to Vlad the Impaler, the real-life inspiration for Dracula. It’s located on an isolated hill and even has a torture chamber, while the surrounding town of Bran (often referred to as Dracula City) has plenty of haunted houses, a Dracula-themed hotel, and sells all manner of vampire merch. Some prefer Disneyland®, but if you’re anything like Wednesday, then we’re more than certain you’ll pick Dracula City over churros and spinning cups.

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6. Corvin Castle (Hunyadi Castle)

Corvin Castle is allegedly haunted.Photo Credit: corin mihaila / Shutterstock

Hunedoara, Romania

Yet another castle in Romania, this one doesn’t come with the appeal of vampires, but it’s considered one of the seven wonders of the country, and one of the largest in Europe. Sitting atop a cliff overlooking the Zlaști River, it’s relatively remote considering the closest city of Sibiu is more than an hour’s drive away. You may even experience a ghost or two while roaming the halls as many believe the castle to be haunted, which is likely the reason why it was a filming location for the 2018 horror film, The Nun.

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7. Urnes Church

This wooden church sits next to a graveyard.Photo Credit: Maria Luisa Cianca / Shutterstock

Ornes, Norway

This traditional Scandinavian wooden church can be found in the natural and ethereal landscape of Sognefjord. One of the oldest of its kind, it’s encapsulated by mountains and due to its decaying wood, appears black in many photos. The church incorporates elements of Viking tradition and sits directly next to an ancient burial ground. If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, keep in mind that it’s about an hour’s drive from Hell (Hell, Norway, that is).

8. Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

Indulge your artistic side at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland.Photo Credit: YUKiO_CLE / Shutterstock

Cleveland, Ohio

The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland is perhaps the most modern spot on our list. The interior and exterior of this museum building are both photo-worthy works of art in their own right, while the museum itself has a rotating roster of exhibitions. Make it a full day of mystery and adventure by completing a Cleveland scavenger hunt or head to Cincinnati for a dark history ghost tour, while you’re in town.

9. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

This hotel is dubbed the "Castle in the Rockies."Photo Credit: TRphotos / Shutterstock

Banff, Canada

Located in Banff—a town known for its myriad winter activities such as sleigh rides, snowshoeing, and icewalks—the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is a sight to behold. Dubbed the “Castle in the Rockies,” this hotel was declared a national historic site by the government of Canada. Conveniently situated above the serene Bow Falls, it’s the perfect destination for you and yours to explore and maybe even hold a seance or two. The Gothic-style hotel has even housed famous guests such as the late Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

10. Notre Dame Cathedral

The famous gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral.Photo Credit: LiliGraphie / Shutterstock

Paris, France

Although on track to re-open in 2024, Notre Dame still makes our list as it’s quite possibly the most iconic example of Gothic architecture in the world. (Hello! Enormous stained glass windows and concrete gargoyles—what could be more Wednesday?) While in Paris, you should also plan a trip to the grotesquely fascinating Paris Catacombs, an underground burial site that displays thousands of human bones.

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