Maui Island privat dagstur

Maui, USA
Maui Island Day Tour
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Den hawaiianska ön Maui är full av landmärken att se och aktiviteter att göra. Gå med i en privat guide och skapa en anpassad resplan för att se de delar av ön som intresserar dig och din grupp mest. Välj att stanna vid stränder, små byar, botaniska trädgårdar, ett destilleri, eller låt din guide föreslå några lokala platser.
  • Lär dig om Hawaiis historia och kultur
  • Få tips om var du kan äta, dricka och utforska
  • Problemfri transfer från ditt hotell ingår
  • En privat rundtur innebär en personlig upplevelse

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  • Privat transport
  • Luftkonditionerat fordon
  • Paraplyer
  • Insektsmedel
  • Lunch

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Du kan träffa oss på Kahului Park and Ride eller så hämtar vi upp dig och släpper av dig på din plats.

Det här kan du vänta dig

Alii Kula Lavender

1 timme Inträdesbiljett ingår ej

Iao Valley State Monument

1 timme Inträdesbiljett ingår

Karen Lei's Gallery

30 minuterUtan inträdesbiljett

Lahaina Front Street

1 timme Utan inträdesbiljett

Lahaina Banyan Court Park

10 minuterUtan inträdesbiljett

Maui Ocean Center

1 timme Inträdesbiljett ingår ej

Surfing Goat Dairy

30 minuterInträdesbiljett ingår ej

Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery

45 minuterInträdesbiljett ingår ej

Maui Tropical Plantation

1 timme Inträdesbiljett ingår ej

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    horrible experience
    Andrea_S, aug. 2021
    Our guide was a terrific young man...however-we started at the aquarium (rushed through), then to a fruit stand to pick strawberries--not in season...then to a goat farm--not open on Monday (why didn't they know)..then lavender farm..impossible for me/us to navigate..tour knew we could not walk far (both use canes)so we left.....then vodka reservations were made so no tour ..we ate lunch there and treated our guide...and then what??? He asked where do you want to go?? We had no idea...I asked is there a way to see indigenous art..he took us to an art store...then I finally asked to go to a ukulele shop to purchase one.... then home (after standing still on the highway for over an hour/accident--not his fault...) . There were just two of us--my husband and me and of course the driver/guide. We just drove around and around with no destination/not seeing anything listed as possible tours was a complete sham, certainly not worth $1,000.00 and I would never recommend viator. Andrea (Cookie) Svingos
    Svar från värd, aug. 2021
    Aloha Cookie. This is Bryan, the owner of Maui's Private Guide. Keenan, you tour guide is sitting here next to me as we write this together. We are baffled as to why you, have written such a horrible review and given us a one star rating. Keenan gave you his all on this tour. He never rushed you, he held your hands and even caught your husband as he was falling backwards trying get into the van. Given you are 80 and 84 years old and you both have had hip and knee replacements and can barely walk, this nonsense about going to pick strawberries is almost laughable. Let us address your concerns. Keenan absolutely did not rush you through the Aquarium. He took all the time the two of you chose to take, walked with you the entire time and made sure you saw and did everything you wanted to and left on your timeline. You said you wanted fresh, local fruits to take home and cook for dinner so he took you to an awesome upcountry farm that just happens to have a strawberry field from which customers can pick their own strawberries. Of course, those strawberries were not in season but that was never the point of your visit. The two of you can barely walk, at all, let alone stroll through the dirt of a strawberry patch and bend over to pick strawberries. You said you wanted fresh, local fruits and vegetables, and that's what you got. The strawberries were an after thought that didn't work out. We're sorry about that. As for the Goat farm, Keenan told you that it was closed,,, he told you that, before you went there. You insisted on driving there anyway to see for yourself. And, yup, it was closed. How dare you turn the truth around and blame it on Keenan. HE TOLD YOU IT WAS CLOSED! You asked to go to the Lavender farms and he took you there. We're sorry you can't walk well, but we're not sure what you expected. We can not carry you, although Keenan held your hand and did everything he could for you except carry you. The vodka distillery runs tours every two hours. This was explained to you before you got there and you decided to go for the views and for lunch, sans the tour. Now you complain about it? Why? This was no surprise. Keenan checked their schedule before you went there and told you it would be quite a wait for the next tour and you decided, note, YOU DECIDED, that you wanted to go there anyway for the views and the lunch. And now you are complaining about it and blaming Keenan and slandering my company, calling it a sham? Uncool Cookie! You also complain that Keenan asked you where you want to go next. Well, cookie, that's the definition of a "customizable" tour. We give you options and you get to make choices. Not sure how that's a bad thing. You wanted local art, he took you to an awesome art gallery where you had a ball. You wanted a Ukulele, he took you to the best Ukulele salesman on Maui where you also had a ball and bought a very nice Ukulele. How is that a bad thing Cookie? Why would you twist the truth around like this? Keenan gave you an awesome day, customizing it to your interests and trying desperately to accommodate your limited mobility but, Cookie, if you can't walk, then of course it's going to be a day of driving and looking. We are baffled as to what else you were expecting. I, Bryan, have talked with Keenan for two hours about this tour and we both know that he did everything for you that you wanted and that could be done. For some reason, you have decided to lash out against us and it is unethical and mean. Cookie, Keenan has nothing but 5 star reviews and lots of them so, perhaps, just maybe, it's you. In summary, Keenan, and Maui's Private Guide, babied you and your super nice husband and gave you a great tour. Neither Keenan, nor my company is a sham. We give the best private and customizable tours on Maui. Your review is a SHAM! This from Keenan: Cookie, it's a shame that you would write that our company is a sham. I mapped out a plan for the day and made a priority list to get an idea of your wants and needs and anytime you wanted to do something, like the goat farm or the Maui Ocean Vodka Distillery, I double checked to make sure it was open and even called to make sure. And, I toured you around the Island and talked to you about the history of Maui and I gave a very detailed tour of the Maui Ocean Center. I enjoyed your company and even though every step you took was an obstacle, I didn't mind taking it slow and helping you two through the day. I'm just baffled and confused on how you could write any of this.

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