Dallas World Aquarium
Antillean manatee and arapaima at Dallas World Aquarium, USA
Antillean manatee and arapaima at Dallas World Aquarium, USA

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Described by visitors as more zoo than aquarium, the quaint Dallas World Aquarium provides a unique experience attractive to families. Feel like you’ve entered a real rain forest at the aquarium’s re-creation of the South America Orinoco Rainforest, home to colorful birds and the only three-toed-sloth exhibit in the US.

  • 1801 N Griffin St., Dallas, Texas, 75202

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Q:What's the best way to experience Dallas World Aquarium?
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Q:How much time is needed at Dallas World Aquarium?
A:You’ll need at least 1.5 hours to explore the Dallas World Aquarium, but it’s worth putting aside two hours to see all the attraction offers. Five main exhibit spaces feature creatures ranging from jellyfish and crocodiles to blue penguins, plus three on-site restaurants and cafes.
Q:Is the Dallas World Aquarium all indoors?
A:Yes, the Dallas World Aquarium is all indoors, so it’s an ideal activity for one of Dallas’ relatively rare rainy days. While most exhibits are inside, the penguins have an outdoor enclosure section. There is air-conditioning throughout the aquarium and plenty of natural light floods in from the glass rooftop.
Q:Is parking free at Dallas World Aquarium?
A:No, parking at Dallas World Aquarium isn’t free. However, there are two parking lots beside the aquarium, which makes parking and getting inside a breeze. Parking prices range from $8 to $15 for the day. If the lot is full, plenty of metered parking exists.
Q:Does the Dallas World Aquarium have penguins?
A:Yes, the Dallas World Aquarium has two types of penguins—the blue and black-footed penguin (also hilariously known as a Jackass penguin). Penguins are active and social animals, so you’ll likely see them swimming, slipping, and sliding into the water.
Q:Does the Dallas World Aquarium have dolphins?
A:The Dallas World Aquarium doesn’t have dolphins, but it has a range of other animals in enclosures, hailing from South Africa, Borneo, and Mundo Maya. Its most popular aquatic residents include crocodiles, jellyfish, and stingrays, some of which you can see in the colossal walk-through tank.
Q:Does the Dallas World Aquarium have sea turtles?
A:While the Dallas World Aquarium doesn’t have any sea turtles in its aquarium section, it does have several other species of turtle in the enclosures themed around Borneo and Mundo Maya. These include the red-eared slider turtle, the Mexican giant musk turtle, and the yellow-spotted Amazon turtle.