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The area commonly known as Area 51—officially Homey Airport (KXTA) or Groom Lake—is a highly classified United States Air Force facility located in the desert of southern Nevada. The site is the focus of a lot of conspiracy theories relating to UFOs and aliens and has become a tourist attraction, despite being a restricted area.

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What are people saying about Area 51

Chris_R, Oct 2023
UFOs and top secret bases!!!
This was an absolute wonder of a trip. If you have any interest in UFOs and top secret places than this is your tour. The tour guide was wonderful and the places you go culminating in a visit right to the very gates of Area 51 was Amazing!!!!
Jerry_M, Nov 2023
Over all it was ok
Dennis was a great tour guide. Very knowledgeable. However for what tastes place. It was quite expensive
Ivan_O, Nov 2023
If you’re looking for something totally different than LV …GO! If you’re into sci-fi -GO! If you’re are BELIEVING in THEM -GO!
stbhesson, Oct 2023
Fun Day Trip
We had a great day trip on the Area 51 Tour. Our tour guide, Clayton, was super knowledgeable and funny. He had so much information and insight. He really listened to our group as well and made the tour exactly what we wanted.
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