Colorado River
A group of travellers rafting on the Colorado River, Nevada
A group of travellers rafting on the Colorado River, Nevada

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The Colorado River is a spectacular sight to see, meandering for 1,447 miles (2,330 kilometers) with red rocks and canyons framing it on both sides, leading up to the Hoover Dam. The Colorado River is one of the major water sources for California and Nevada, and, not surprisingly, is a major recreational destination—activities on the river include hiking, biking, rafting, and boating.

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John_S, Aug 2023
The helicopter ride was out of this world. The pilot was very informative. Felt safe at all times, just amazing from start to finish. The same is to be said for the raft on the Colorado river, would highly recommend
Sandra_S, Aug 2023
Helicopter flight outstanding, kayaking fun but would have felt more comfortable with a guide nearby
The helicopter experience with Captain Mad Dog was exceptional, his knowledge and the views were outstanding. Steve the driver to and from the venues was brilliant. He put everyone at ease. Lunch was delicious! The kayak experience was fabulous, however, we are complete novices and was very nervous and at times found ourselves at the back completely on our own whilst both guides were at the front. We felt one guide should have stayed at the back to ensure everyone’s safety.
Bruce_M, Sep 2023
Fantastic way to see the Grand Canyon with little to no effort!
Wonderful day! They drive. They provide lunch. The tour guys were amazing. The sights were spectacular and the boat ride was fun!
Nancy_S, Sep 2023
Bucket list ✅
My ONLY complaint is our ticket from Viator has us meeting at the airport at 6:30, this wasn't the case, we had to drive to meet up with our driver. Everything else was absolutely amazing. Our driver Leslie was great, driving us in the fog on the winding roads. And what can you say about the views. So much beauty. Would recommend to everyone. Check one off the bucket list.
People Also Ask
Q:What types of tours can you do of the Colorado River?
A:Colorado River tours go from laid-back, flat-water float trips to white-water rafting, kayaking, speed boating, hiking, and biking. Helicopter tours of the Colorado River are a great way to get a sense of the river's massive scale—they're a dramatic glimpse of the waterway as it flows through the Grand Canyon.
Q:What is the best time of year to raft the Colorado River?
A:Rafting trips generally take place from April–October. While water levels peak in spring in some areas, the river's flow through the Grand Canyon reflects dam releases rather than melting snow. Warm, sunny days mean April and September–October are the best times to raft the Grand Canyon.
Q:Should you book Colorado River tours in advance?
A:Yes, booking Colorado River ticket options in advance is a good idea. It's essential for travelers planning trips through the Grand Canyon, where limited permits are available. Some Grand Canyon trips fill up a year ahead of time, though due to cancellations, spaces often become available 2–4 months before departure.
Q:What should I wear river rafting in the Colorado River?
A:Dress in moisture-wicking layers of quick-drying synthetic clothing, and avoid cotton fabrics that can be cold when wet. Other Colorado River essentials include sunglasses (with a tether), a brimmed hat, and sturdy shoes you don't mind getting wet. Running shoes and sports sandals with secure straps are both popular options.
Q:Can you see the Colorado River in a helicopter?
A:Yes, you can see the Colorado River in a helicopter—it's especially spectacular at the Grand Canyon. Helicopter tours depart from Las Vegas, the West Rim, and the South Rim. Some helicopter flights touch down below the rim so you can see the river from within the Grand Canyon.
Q:What should I bring on a Colorado River tour?
A:The desert sun can be intense year-round, so come prepared with waterproof sunscreen, sunglasses (with a tether), and a wide-brimmed hat. Sturdy shoes such as sneakers or sports sandals are a must, and if you think you might get wet, plan to wear moisture-wicking clothing that will dry quickly.