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Things to do in  Salisbury

History in the countryside

With its 404-foot (123-meter) spire, Salisbury Cathedral is hard to miss, and it’s the cathedral’s elaborate architecture and exceptionally preserved original copy of the Magna Carta that draws visitors to this Wiltshire city. Although the old cathedral is the city’s biggest draw, there are other things to do in Salisbury, from exploring what remains of the Iron Age hill fort of Old Sarum to downing a pint at the medieval Haunch of Venison pub. And while you’re in the area, pop over to Stonehenge, England’s iconic circle of prehistoric standing stones.

Top 4 attractions in Salisbury


As one of the world’s most enigmatic tourist attractions, Stonehenge draws up to 1.3 million visitors annually. This UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of an inner and an outer circle of gigantic stones standing in the heart of the English countryside——is made even more impressive by its mysterious history. Although Stonehenge’s original purpose remains unknown, onlookers gather to admire the sarsen stone circles and ponder its astronomical, spiritual, or even supernatural meaning.More

Old Sarum

In the midst of the Wiltshire plains, this 29-acre (12-hectare Iron Age settlement stands as a testament to England’s long history of invasion, defense, and development. Explore the foundations of Salisbury’s first cathedral, soak up views from the hilltop castle, and learn about the Roman, Norman, and Saxon influence on the English culture and countryside.More

Salisbury Cathedral

At 404 feet (123 meters), Salisbury Cathedral boasts Britain’s highest church spire. In addition to the spire, the cathedral harbors the 1215 Magna Carta—a document that remains a cornerstone of British law—and wows with its 13th-century Gothic facade and elaborate stained-glass windows.    More

Salisbury Museum

Home to some of the UK’s most impressive archaeological collections, the award-winning Salisbury Museum is impressive both inside and out. Admire a 30,000-year-old meteorite, some of the country’s oldest gold artefacts, Victorian-era ceramics, and more in the Grade I Listed King’s House.More

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When to visit

Like elsewhere in the UK, you’ll find the warmest, driest weather in Salisbury if you visit during the summer months, particularly in July and August. That said, there are plenty of festivals worth checking out throughout the year, from the St. Thomas’s Christmas Tree Festival, when the cathedral is filled with decorated Christmas trees, to the Salisbury Cathedral Festival of Flowers in spring, when the cathedral’s interiors are adorned with masses of colorful blooms.

Getting around

Salisbury is easy to explore on foot, and while taxis are available in the city, most key attractions are within easy walking distance of one another. Local bus service is provided by Salisbury Reds, which also offers a hop-on hop-off bus tour that connects the city center to Old Sarum and Stonehenge. Alternatively, you can rent a bicycle from one of the providers in town and cycle out to the old henge yourself.

Traveler tips

If you're a fan of the supernatural, or just love the idea of having a pint in a medieval pub, then you must visit the Haunch of Venison. This historic (and, purportedly, haunted) hostelry is full of atmospheric charm, with dark exposed beams and more than its fair share of ghost stories. The food’s not bad either, and while you’ll find a few venison dishes on the menu, they also serve soup, bruschetta, and vegetarian risotto.


People Also Ask

Is Salisbury England worth visiting?

Yes, the Gothic Salisbury Cathedral alone merits a visit to this Wiltshire city, with its impressive architecture and well-preserved copy of the Magna Carta. The Salisbury city center is full of pretty historic buildings, and the city is just a quick jaunt from Stonehenge, one of Britain’s most iconic attractions.

What is the most impressive attraction in Salisbury, England?

The most impressive attraction in Salisbury is the Salisbury Cathedral. This 13th-century structure is celebrated for its elaborate Gothic architecture, massive cloisters, and 404-foot (123-meter) spire. The cathedral is home to the world’s oldest functioning mechanical clock and houses one of only four surviving original copies of the Magna Carta.

What is Salisbury, UK, famous for?

Salisbury is famous for the 13th-century Salisbury Cathedral, among the most important in England. It has one of the only original copies of the Magna Carta still in existence. The city is also a popular jumping-off point for visiting nearby Stonehenge, the iconic stone circle dating back to prehistoric times.

How do I spend a day in Salisbury?

With a day in Salisbury, you’ll have time to check out the Salisbury Cathedral and browse the extensive collections of archaeological artifacts at the Salisbury Museum. You also can spend a bit of time wandering the historic city center and pay a visit to the nearby stone circle of Stonehenge.

How long is the train journey from London to Salisbury?

The train journey from London to Salisbury takes just under 90 minutes. Direct trains operated by South Western Railway services depart from London Waterloo. Driving takes closer to two hours, and hiring a car or joining a tour is a good option if you want to visit Stonehenge as well.

What has been filmed at Salisbury Cathedral?

Salisbury Cathedral has been used as a filming location for a number of television and film period dramas, including the 1995 rendition of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, starring Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet. More recent shoots include scenes from BBC’s 2023 Dickensian mini-series Great Expectations.

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