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3 Days in London for Foodies

Curated by Claire Bullena London-based food and drinks writer.

London has been my home—and as a food and drinks writer, I think there are few better places to live. Forget the 30 years out-of-date stereotypes about British food. Today's London showcases an exceptionally diverse, dynamic, and thrilling food scene.

Whether you aim for Michelin-starred restaurants or cozy neighborhood cafes, gastropubs or coffee shops, bustling street markets or glam food halls, the British capital offers an unending cornucopia to devour. If you have just three days to spend in the city, here are the foodie spots you can’t miss.

London weather is temperate but often rainy—keep your layers and umbrella handy.

If you only have time for one thing, make it Borough Market, London’s top food pilgrimage point.

Day 1

It’s time to get reacquainted with British food. Check your outdated thoughts at the door and discover decadent options on a tasting tour, from classic pub fare like fish and chips to fresh scones and artisanal cheeses. Even better, visit Borough Market, ground zero for local and visiting food lovers.

What's more English than afternoon tea? Save space for finger sandwiches and petits fours to accompany tea and Champagne, and enjoy them in a fancy hotel, aboard a double-decker bus, or at Kensington Palace. Or, if you’re after the harder stuff, discover London’s gin craze heyday on a bibulous tour.

Day 2

London has been a brewing capital for centuries, and beer styles ranging from porter to IPA can trace their legacy to the British capital. Exploring that liquid history is a London must, and a pub tour is the perfect introduction. For something more new-school, try a craft beer tour.

After a pint (or several), there’s nothing like a hearty meal—you shouldn't leave London without an Indian feast. “Indian” as a blanket term fails to convey the city's breadth. From Pakistani and Bangladeshi spots in East London to those that capture India’s regional diversity, there’s so much to taste and explore.

Day 3

Speaking of Bangladeshi food, head to London’s East End—one of the city’s foodie must-visit areas—to find curries aplenty on Brick Lane. But that’s just one stop on an eclectic walking tour. In addition to wandering Shoreditch and spotting street art (and historical landmarks), you’ll sample favorites from bagels to bacon sandwiches.

The vibrant central London neighborhood of Soho is popular for its many top-notch restaurants, not to mention its ineffable nightlife scene, LGBTQ-friendly venues, and late-night festivities. Since it really comes into its own at night, book a nighttime tour to end your trip on a high note.

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