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The Walking Dead Film Sites in Georgia

Read on for more about The Walking Dead film sites in Georgia.
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Nearly all of AMC's hit series The Walking Dead is shot in Georgia, and whether you're a die-hard Deadhead or simply want to brush up on your zombie trivia, a film sites tour is a great way to spend an afternoon in Atlanta. Here are your options.

Jackson Street Bridge

To recreate the iconic season one sight of Rick Grimes riding a horse along the highway into a zombie-infested Atlanta in search of his wife and son, you'll have to pay a visit to Atlanta's Jackson Street Bridge. The spot also offers a gorgeous view of the city skyline.

Atlanta Mission as the Hospital

Part of the administrative Atlanta Mission building was featured as the hospital where Rick wakes up from a coma to realize the world as he knew it is forever changed in the season one episode Days Gone By.

Grant Park as Rick's Neighborhood

Atlanta's Grant Park neighborhood is where you'll find the 19th-century Victorian home used as the Grimes residence during season one filming.

Senoia, Georgia, as Woodbury

The town of Senoia, located an hour south of Atlanta, doubles as the seemingly idyllic town of Woodbury in season three, where the survivors quickly realize that the town has some dark secrets of its own.

Hampton, Georgia

Also south of Atlanta is the town of Hampton, where Glenn, Michonne, and a band of survivors show up during season six. The pet shop scene was filmed along Main Street, while the dumpster where Glenn seems to meet his unfortunate fate is now marked by a body outline on the pavement.

Haralson, Georgia

The town of Haralson, situated near Senoia, was the film site for several scenes in season three. The old ESCO Feed Mill was the site of the silo scenes with Andrea, Daryl, and Martinez, while Rick meets with the Governor of Woodbury along Main Street. The town is also home to the barn where Merle ultimately meets his end.

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