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Best Road Trips from Atlanta: Where to Go and What to Do

All the best sights and activities in just a tank (or two) of gas away from ATL.
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2020’s got us thinking about all the trips we want to take in the future. But until that time comes, we’ve put together a list to get you thinking. Whether you’re taking the Blue Ridge Parkway, or heading south on 75 to hit warmer climes—Atlanta’s locale in Northern Georgia makes for plenty of amazing road trip opportunities. Check out our list for top road trip ideas—all just a tank of gas (or two) away.

Within 50 miles

Those North Georgia hills are calling. That’s right—just north, in Atlanta’s backyard, you’ll be in the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains chain, with exceptional hiking opportunities and outdoor adventure alike. But even more unique is that this area of the south is known for its wineries. Take a North Georgia country wine tasting tour and get a taste for the Appalachian varietals.

Within 200 miles

Chattanooga, Greenville, and Birmingham

Head a little further out and you’ll venture across state lines. To the west, you will land on Birmingham, known for its rich civil rights history. Or head up north along the Blue Ridge Mountains to the bustling under-the-radar Chattanooga. Northeast, you’ll find scenic Greenville, South Carolina, with plenty of outdoor adventure and good bites.

Within 400 miles

Charleston, Hilton Head, Jekyll Island, and Destin

By this point, you’ll hit the ocean, which is a great option for a weekend getaway. Choose from Charleston’s notable charm, or Hilton Head’s bucolic beaches, or even the Golden Isles off the coast of Georgia. There is plenty of outdoor activity like paddleboarding and dolphin tours. Or get your history hat on for some guided tours of downtown Charleston.

Within 500 miles

New Orleans and St. Augustine

You’ve been driving for quite some time at this point, so it’s time for a drink or two. Lucky enough, you’ll be approaching the notorious New Orleans area. Known for its yearly (or daily, it seems) Mardi Gras festivities, this city never seems to sleep. But the famous Louisiana Bayou is a great way to experience a new side of the south, with airboat swamp tours and paddleboarding. Or for less wind, you can opt for bike tours, or even walking tours, of the amazing architecture found in the city’s French Quarter. You can’t forget to get a beignet while you’re there, too.

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