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10 of the Top Crime Tours Around the World

These crime tours based on real-life serial killers, mobsters, and murderers are sure to give you the heebie-jeebies.

Top Crime Tours Around the World
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It’s time to swap souvenir shopping for sleuthing, cocktails for crime, and postcards for police reports. Unveil the dark underbelly of true crime history and see what lurks in the shadows of these well-known cities around the world. Put on those detective caps and witness scenic views as you listen to stories about notorious serial killers, unsolved mysteries, and horrifying happenings.

3. Venture through Montreal’s historic Red Light District

During Prohibition, Montreal became known as the Sin City of the North, and on this crime tour, you’ll find out why the city received its scandalous nickname. Learn about historic drug trades, brothels, and the gambling scene that flourished here from the 1920s to the 1950s while exploring Chinatown and other spots that once made up the heart of Montreal’s Red Light District.

4. See the dark side of Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood

Walk through the Queen Anne neighborhood and Pioneer Square—the oldest area in Seattle—and hear the true crime legends of Pioneer Square Pergola, the Pioneer Square Vaults, and Lou Graham's Sporting House, among others. This true crime tour exhibits many stories, including those of the Pang warehouse fire and the Chinatown massacre. Whether it’s your first time in Seattle or you’re a seasoned visitor, you’ll leave with a fresh perspective on the Emerald City.

5. Discover the places the locals dare not go in Boston

Take a scenic walk through Boston while hearing dark tales about some of the city’s unfortunate happenings. On this casual walking tour, you’ll witness the residence of Paul Revere; the former headquarters of a mob boss; filming locations from the 2006 crime movie, The Departed; and explore nooks and crannies many locals don’t even know about.

6. Delve into murder and mystery in Dublin

Stroll through the Irish capital while hearing about the city’s criminal past. This alternative walking tour covers everything from kidnappings and art heists to robberies and murders. The escapade ends at St Michan's Church of Ireland, an old church known for its vault, which contains a number of mummified remains.

7. Meet the criminals of Melbourne

Uncover the lost histories of murder, Victorian-era detective cases, exorcisms, and bank robberies on this crime tour of Melbourne. Learn about the conviction of the Gun Alley Murder Trial, hear the story of a real-life Jack the Ripper suspect, and solve a unique murder mystery at an address that doesn't exist.

9. Hunt for ghosts of crimes past in Rome

Rome is known as one of the most haunted cities in the world, and its history of executions, serial killers, and assassinations makes this no surprise. This haunted ghost night tour gives you the opportunity to experience the popular city like never before (not to mention it also includes ghost-hunting equipment), so get ready to summon the spirits of Rome’s most notorious historical figures like Julius Caesar and Emperor Nero.

10. Learn about London’s most notorious serial killer

Experience the streets of London as they appeared in Jack the Ripper’s time with state-of-the-art RIPPER-VISION™—innovative hand-held projectors that help recreate the atmosphere of Victorian London using spooky moving images and film clips. This creepy walking tour not only sets the scene but also lets you hear the harrowing tales and conspiracy theories of London’s most talked about serial killer.

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