Ulysses S. Grant Memorial
Ulysses S. Grant Memorial

Ulysses S. Grant Memorial

Öppet dagligen från 10 till 13 och från 14 till 17
First St. SW & Union Square, Washington DC, 20016

The basics

Considered one of the most important memorials and statues in the United States, the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial is also a highlight of the National Mall. Commissioned in 1902, the sculpture was undertaken by artist Henry Merwin Shrady and architect Edward Pearce Casey. Flanked by two sculptural groups—”Artillery” and “Cavalry Charge”—which depict the frenzy of battle, Shrady’s portrait of Grant is strikingly different in tenor: the general appears coolly unflappable, supposedly a reflection of his temperament during battle.

Located right on the National Mall, just below the United States Capitol, the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial is easy to discover independently. It also features on several Washington DC itineraries, including Segway tours, bike tours, scavenger hunts, and other guided trips among the memorials and monuments of the National Mall.

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Things to know before you go

  • If you haven’t seen the memorial since 2016, it’s worth visiting again—the sculpture was restored in 2016 and returned to its original brass hue.

  • Bring your camera along: the statue’s elevated position gives it an impressive vantage overlooking the Washington Monument and other landmarks of the Mall.

  • The National Mall can be very hot and exposed during the summer, so bring sun protection and lots of water if visiting on a warm day.

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How to get there

The Ulysses S. Grant Memorial is located on the grounds of the United States Capitol, poised at the eastern edge of the National Mall. It is within walking distance of several DC Metro stations, including Federal Center SW and Capitol South (both of which are served by the Blue, Orange, and Silver lines). Numerous bus lines also frequent the area, including the low-cost D.C. Circulator shuttle service.

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When to get there

The Ulysses S. Grant Memorial can be viewed daily from morning until early evening (note the Capitol grounds are closed for an hour every day over lunchtime). The area around the Capitol and National Mall is busiest during the summer, on weekends, and on school holidays; visit at an alternative time for a less crowded view.

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Monuments and memorials of the National Mall

Home to dozens of major monuments and museums, the National Mall is one of Washington DC’s unmissable highlights. After viewing the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial, continue to highlights like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and more.

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