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Top Shopping Spots in Vienna

From Graben to Kohlmarkt, here's where to shop in Vienna.

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Vienna is one of Europe’s commercial capitals, with an abundance of shops and boutiques peppered throughout grand plazas and neoclassical buildings. Whether you want to indulge in rare gems or browse popular stores located in grand buildings, Vienna has it all. Here are a few of our top shopping picks.

Goldenes Quartier

Shops in Goldenes Quartier.
Goldenes Quartier in Vienna.Foto: dinkaspell / Shutterstock

With its glamorous flagship stores and international boutiques, the Goldenes Quartier is undoubtedly the most high-end of Vienna’s shopping districts. Wide boulevards are flanked by historic buildings that contain labels such as Chanel, Prada, and Jimmy Choo. And, even if you don’t have the budget to splurge on high-end brands, the Goldenes Quartier is still a great place to people watch.

Mariahilfer Strasse (Mariahilferstraße)

Fall foliage on Mariahilfer Strasse (Mariahilferstraße).
Mariahilfer Strasse (Mariahilferstraße) in the fall.Foto: BABAROGA / Shutterstock

As Vienna’s longest shopping street, Mariahilfer Strasse (Mariahilferstraße) is a staple of sightseeing and shopping tours of Austria’s capital. The bustling boulevard features classic Austrian cafés and restaurants and hundreds of stores, many of which have flagship shops here. To avoid the crowds and discover hidden gems, explore the side streets that lead off of the street.


A huge statue in Graben.
Graben at dusk.Foto: AlexAnton / Shutterstock

Lined by marble buildings that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, the shopping street of Graben is home to several of Vienna’s finest and oldest continually operating traditional shops. On this street you’ll find a porcelain shop, perfumery, and royal jeweler—in addition to one of Europe’s most ornate H&Ms.


Kohlmarkt and its ornate buildings in Vienna.
Kohlmarkt and its ornate buildings.Foto: Mistervlad / Shutterstock

Whether you’re looking to splurge or to window shop, no shopping visit to Vienna would be complete without exploring Kohlmarkt—a historic street with an abundance of fine jewelry stores. Kohlmarkt is home to traditional Viennese jewelers, such as the once royally-appointed Wagner, Bucherer, and Schullin; as well as high-carat brands, such as Cartier, Chopard, Tiffany and Wellendorff.

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