Savannah's Moon River Brewing Company Paranormal Investigation

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      • Moon River Brewing Company
        21 W Bay St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA

        Vi träffas på Historic Moon River Brewery med start kl 23:00. Utredningen kommer att avslutas cirka klockan 02.00.




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      Moon River Brewing Company (Åker förbi)

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      Must do in savannah
      Ty_C, apr. 2024
      It’s such a thrilling and awesome experience everyone must try at least once. Our guides were awesome and hilarious. Would do it again every time I come back to savannah.
      Ghosts were active
      ANGELA_H, mars 2024
      Really enjoyed learning all of the history and we had an active night and experience. I would do it again!
      Awesome & Realistic Investigation
      Angel_F, mars 2024
      For my teenage daughter & myself, this was the highlight of our trip! We did 3 paranormal investigations during our stay & this was the only one that was authentic!
      Haunts of Savannah for the win!
      Rebecca_R, mars 2024
      Lots of amazing evidence with the group i was with. Micah and Aries are just so knowledgeable and on point and in tune with the spirits of Savannah. This is my second tour with Micah’s company and i will definitely be back! Don’t miss out! And heads up during the week? Tours starts at 10:30pm! It’s so fun and def worth it!
      Awesome experience. Estes...
      Chris_D, mars 2024
      Awesome experience. Estes method was my favorite part highly recommended! Guide was friendly funny and very knowledgeable
      They pulled a fast switch the DAY OF :/
      Jessica_M, mars 2024
      I would have enjoyed doing the moon river brewing company tour but it was cancelled on us the day OF and we were given the option to do the Savannah theater instead. We had both done the theater before. The tour guides were kind but spoke way too long before allowing the tour to begin. During the tour we realized that our tour guides believed amongst themselves that we were canceled from the moon River brewery tour, because there were just not enough people to do both tours, so they consolidated. I do not think that’s a good business model and sadly, I won’t use this company again although I had in the past and was happy with them until this tour. This tour was the center of our visit and that is why we even agreed to do the theater again. But it was not what we booked or wanted to do.
      Svar från värd, mars 2024
      We’re really sorry to hear that your experience was not what you were expecting or what you had experienced previously. We did have one of our investigators have a medical emergency that day which is why we had to cancel the Moon River investigation. We never cancel an investigation because of lack of people booking. We have done several 4 person or less investigations in the past. We’ve even done investigations and tours with 1 person booking before. We do not believe in cancelling because of low numbers. I’m not sure why the guides alluded to that because they know full well that we had 6 other guests on the Moon River Investigation that night that we unfortunately had to reschedule for later in the week or completely refund. Regarding them going over on conversation or history time, we will absolutely review to ensure that they were allowing for additional time investigating if they went over on history dude to conversation with guests or answering questions. Again, we apologize for your experience.
      Must do in Savannah
      Jeff_H, feb. 2024
      Great tour with Great guides. Worth every penny. If you are in Savannah, don't waste your time with the boring tours, this lock-in is a must.
      Great experience, awesome team
      Gerardo_V, feb. 2024
      Out of all the floors, the pub area was the one that gave me the chills several times! The second and third floor surely looks like time capsule. Great equipment and very interactive experience.
      Julie_R, jan. 2024
      All I can say was the night was crazy. I would love to tell you what we experienced but you wouldn’t believe me if I did. I am definitely doing this again when I visit Savanna again.
      Would def recommend
      Irene_E, jan. 2024
      Micah (pardon if misspelled) & Aries were AWESOME tour guides. It was a new and amazing experience. Thank you!!!
      Awesome experience!
      Arlene_R, dec. 2023
      We had an amazing experience! We had a lot of paranormal activity and heard a lot of voices and felt entities. It was amazing and we will do this again and again! Micah and Chris were amazing!!!!!!!
      Enjoyable time
      Kc_C, nov. 2023
      This was our first paranormal investigation and it was certainly a neat one. We had a small group which made it more enjoyable. We all had little experiences through the night. The host was awesome. She was very informative and helpful the whole night through. Highly recommend.
      Do it!
      Jamie_M, nov. 2023
      We loved this tour, interacted with some of the spirits using EMF, spirit boxes and other equipment. The best thing we did in Savannah! Super cool!!
      Victoria_P, nov. 2023
      The tour guides were excellent and very entertaining. The history of the building was the most intriguing part of the night
      Best Ghost Hunt in Savannah!
      Leon_P, nov. 2023
      Best ghost tour ever,! Blue Moon Brewery every time I visits my relatives in Savannah we try a different tour. I can attest to the fact that this is the best tour yet. They provide a great account of the history and they have a variety of equipment to use during your hunt. The individual deprivation sessions is unreal. All I can say is Just Do It! You will not be disappointed. Next time I visit it will be the theater tour.
      Euliza_C, okt. 2023
      My husband and I were really looking forward to this investigation. We were in Savannah for our 10 year wedding anniversary (from Cali) and decided to add this to our itinerary and glad we did! It DID NOT disappoint. Micah was super cool, professional and made sure everyone was comfortable and safe. Christine, his partner for the event was AMAZEBALLS at her story telling. You could tell she really cared about the authenticity of her story telling through the excitement and extra historical information she provided. Micah and Christine had all the equipment anyone could need for an investigation. I appreciated thst they were concerned for everyone's safety first and foremost but also made sure everyone was having a good time. Folks often say they want to have an experience during these types of events and I certainly did! We had the opportunity to participate in the Estes Method and let's just delivered the experience I was not expecting but cannot deny or forget. My husband and I would 100% do this again...and of possible, with the same crew!!!
      Fun and exciting
      Fabio_V, sep. 2023
      If you're a looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure, the Moon River Company Paranormal Investigation is for you. A great experience was had with a team of seasoned investigators who are knowledgeable and encourage you to immerse yourself in this ghost hunting adventure. There is definitely some unknown phenomena taking place at Moon River that will leave you wondering about what your ears are hearing, eyes are seeing, and for some, what those gentle taps on your shoulder could mean. Armed with an array of ghost hunting equipment, you will have a great time investigating the historic grounds of Moon River Brewing Company. Whether you're a true believer or a skeptic, this is a great experience led by an awesome team of paranormal investigators.
      Great experience to try
      BigWig87, sep. 2023
      If you have watch any ghost show, this will give you an experience of using the equipment and some good fun while using it
      Best night of paranormal activity!
      Rhonda_T, aug. 2023
      Micah & Christie were the best, so enjoyed hanging out with them. We had so much activity and a few times where we were scared enough to jump and run. Would love to do another paranormal investigation with them!
      So much fun
      Travis_R, juni 2023
      Such a cool thing to do! My wife loves paranormal investigation shows; she loved this. Kristy was awesome and super knowledgeable. Would definitely do it again

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