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Fair Park
Fair Park

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Fair Park is not only one of the largest state fairgrounds in the country but a step back in time to 1886, when the Dallas State Fair—today the State Fair of Texas—first opened; the world’s fair also took place here in 1936. You can still view the park’s extensive original art deco architecture and ride the nation’s largest Ferris wheel.

  • 1121 1st Ave., Dallas, Texas, 75210
People Also Ask
Q:Can you walk around Fair Park in Dallas?
A:Yes, you can walk around Fair Park in Dallas. In fact, the park’s 1.6-mile (2.6-kilometer) Fair Park Loop Trail is popular among locals for its art deco buildings, sculptures, fountains, and city views. To learn more about the area’s history, book a Fair Park tour.
Q:Is Fair Park in Dallas free?
A:Yes, it’s free to visit Fair Park. While you need tickets to attend events at Fair Park, visiting the 277-acre (112-hectare) grounds is one of the best free activities in Dallas. Some parts of Fair Park require tickets, such as the colorful Texas Discovery Gardens and the African American Museum.
Q:Is parking free at Fair Park in Dallas?
A:Parking at Fair Park is free on non-event days. On event days, you’ll have to pay: Options include paid parking at regular Fair Park lots and Premium Parking lots accessible via the Grand Avenue Gate. Prices to park vary with the event, and both cash and credit cards are accepted.
Q:Do you have to buy tickets for the State Fair of Texas at Fair Park in advance?
A:No, you don’t need to buy tickets to the State Fair of Texas at Fair Park in advance—but it can save time and money. Some tickets, such as Premium Admission tickets, are only sold online. You can buy them in advance along with midway tickets for food, games, and rides.
Q:Can I bring water to the State Fair of Texas at Fair Park?
A:Yes, you can bring water to the State Fair of Texas at Fair Park, as long as it’s not in a glass container. Coolers and ice chests are also allowed: You’re welcome to skip the fair food and bring snacks from home. Just leave behind alcoholic beverages, glass, and knives.
Q:How long does the fair at Fair Park last?
A:The State Fair of Texas—which is held at Dallas’ Fair Park—takes place for a marathon 24 days, making this one of the longest-running fairs in the United States. It’s also a historic one: The State Fair of Texas began in 1896, less than 50 years after Texas became a state.