Saqqara (Sakkara)
Saqqara (Sakkara)
Saqqara (Sakkara)

Saqqara (Sakkara) Tours and Tickets

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Set about 18 miles (30 kilometers) south of Cairo, Saqqara (Sakkara) was the burial place for the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis, now in ruins. The site features a small sphinx and several pyramids—the most famous of which is the Step Pyramid of Djoser, which represented a major advance in building techniques.

  • Badrshein, Giza

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Neil_D, Nov 2023
Had the same guide 2 ...
Had the same guide 2 days in a row. he did a great job both days and was right the broken pyramid was a very hard climb would recommend
Vladimir_D, Nov 2023
Excellent trip, great guide Marco
Our private trip to Giza Pyramids was excellent. We have very experienced guide Marco, egyptologist. He took us to special places in necropolis of Giza. These places were not overcrowded, we can take awesome photographs from special spots. He customised our trip according our wishes. We have great day with him, one of the best trips in our lifes. Thank you so much Marco :)
Arunima_D, Nov 2023
Awesome guide from Emo tours
Our guide Mohammed was very knowledgeable. He explained the history and described what to note at the various sites in detail. He was even reading out the hieroglyphic script for us and explaining what it meant. Also he allowed us to spend as much time as we wanted at each site. We had a very good time on this tour.
Eric_B, Nov 2023
Great and professional tour
My tour guide, Hiatham and our driver, Amir were great. I had a medical emergency (diabetes) in the middle of the tour, and they handled it perfectly. I would highly recommend.