Denver Art Museum (DAM)
Geometric shapes of Denver Art Museum (DAM), Colorado
Geometric shapes of Denver Art Museum (DAM), Colorado

Denver Art Museum (DAM) Tours and Tickets

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One of the largest museums between Chicago and California, the Denver Art Museum showcases a wide range of art in its 70,000-piece collection. From Native American art to ultramodern contemporary pieces, interactive exhibits to works sparking profound cultural reflection, DAM (as locals call it) is a destination for art lovers of all ages.

  • 100 West 14th Ave., Denver, Colorado, 80204

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Q:How long does it take to walk through the Denver Art Museum?
A:It takes about four hours to see the Denver Art Museum, one of the largest art museums in the mountain west. However, if you’re just checking out a few of its exhibitions, you can get through in about two hours—including a stroll around its buildings' dramatic exteriors.
Q:Do you need a reservation for the Denver Art Museum?
A:It’s a good idea to reserve Denver Art Museum tickets in advance because a limited number of visitors are allowed inside. However, some Denver Art Museum (DAM) tickets are generally available for walk-ins and can be purchased at the museum’s visitor services desk. When you buy a ticket, it’s valid all day.
Q:How much is parking at the Denver Art Museum?
A:Paid parking is available at several lots near the Denver Art Museum. Closest to the museum is the Cultural Center Complex Garage located at Broadway and 12th Avenue, where parking costs $2 an hour. Download the PaybyPhone app or use the Level 1 elevator lobby kiosk to pay for parking. Alternatively, join a Denver Art Museum (DAM) tour that includes transportation.
Q:When does the Denver Art Museum offer free admission?
A:Visitors 18 and under always get free admission to the Denver Art Museum, but the museum also hosts Free Day at the DAM—these are typically held once or twice a month, on a Sunday or a Tuesday. Free Days are popular, so plan to register online in advance.
Q:Is the Denver Art Museum worth visiting?
A:Yes, the Denver Art Museum is worth visiting. It’s the city’s largest and most popular art museum, with a permanent collection that includes everything from Native American artwork to textiles and sculpture. Denver Art Museum tours may include other nearby sightseeing stops, including the Colorado State Capitol Building and Civic Center Park.
Q:Can I bring a backpack to the Denver Art Museum?
A:Large backpacks or purses are not allowed in the Denver Art Museum galleries. Lockers to store your bag are in each museum building, located on the lower level or first floor—that’s where you’ll find coat racks, too. While the lockers are free, they require a quarter to operate.