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Mojave Desert
Mojave Desert

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The driest desert in North America, the Mojave is home to Death Valley National Park, which is best known for its Badwater Basin, the lowest point on the continent at 282 feet (86 meters) below sea level. The Mojave’s 25,000 square miles (65,000 square kilometers) also encompass Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Mojave National Preserve, and more.

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What are people saying about Mojave Desert

Denis_K, Nov 2023
Super fun times
Our group had an absolute blast with Kimmy! The trails were well maintained, the instructions were very clear, the ATVs were well maintained and the attention to safety was outstanding. Team Sloth represent 🦥
Terrence_R, Sep 2023
Great ATV tour with Brent
Brent made this experience very entertaining and informative! The focus on safety during the ATV ride also makes a world of difference! Good job!
Julie_G, Aug 2023
Good time!
Kenny was very informative and made safety a priority. Would recommend. Dave was also very helpful. .
Mary_M, Oct 2023
Fun for all.
Kinda cool to say you rode ATV’s through the Mojave desert. Downside is that you literally are covered in dirt from your head to your toes. Don’t wear anything nice including sneakers and you do need a mask to over your mouth. They don’t tell you that but you can also purchase one if you don’t have one.
People Also Ask
Q:What can I do in the Mojave Desert?
A:Head to the Mojave Desert for solace, amazing landscapes, and fantastic views. You can drive yourself or hire guided tours. Have an adventurous ATV tour on the dunes out of Vegas, make a trip to Death Valley, or venture into the Grand Canyon—all options for exploring the Mojave Desert.
Q:What is the Mojave Desert famous for?
A:The Mojave Desert has crazy landscapes with cliffs, valleys, sizeable open desert stretches, and North America's hottest place: Death Valley. It’s named after the Mojave Native Americans and stretches into Utah, Arizona, and Nevada, with most of it being in California—quite a big desert.
Q:When is the best time to visit the Mojave Desert?
A:Stay away from the Mojave Desert in the summer, when temperatures get hot, especially in areas like Death Valley. Instead, visit from October through May, but know that the temps will dip considerably around December and January. Spring flowers come out between February and April, making for colorful hiking.
Q:What kind of tours go to the Mojave Desert?
A:The Mojave Desert covers a lot of territory, so there are plenty of tour options. Adventure ATV and UTV tours cover lots of ground in the desert trails. Some visit the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and more. Choose private or group guided tours ranging from half-day to multi-day experiences.
Q:Is it worth driving through the Mojave Desert?
A:Yes, it’s worth driving through the Mojave Desert. Take precautions and ensure you have enough water and gas when leaving big towns. There are often vast stretches of land before the next service station, and often, you’ll go miles and miles without running into any other vehicles on the roads.
Q:Is going to the Mojave Desert worth it?
A:Yes, it is worth it. You’ll drive through varied desert landscapes and also have the chance to experience solitude on the open roads. Las Vegas is also in the Mojave Desert, so you can mix it up and catch a show and try your luck at the craps table, plan Vegas into your itinerary.