Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium during the baseball game, New York City
Yankee Stadium during the baseball game, New York City

Yankee Stadium Tours and Tickets

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A big name in the Major League Baseball world, New York’s Yankee Stadium is a must for sports fans, whether you catch a game or learn about Yankees history on a tour of the team’s home field. Built in the Bronx in 1923, the original ballpark closed 85 years later when the city prepared to open the new site across East 161st Street.

  • 1 E 161 St., Bronx, New York City, New York, 10451

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Should I book Yankee Stadium tickets in advance?
We recommend booking e-tickets ahead of time to secure your spot since Yankee Stadium can get crowded. If you book with Viator, you can cancel at least 24 hours before the start date of your tour for a full refund.
Q:How much does it cost to visit Yankee Stadium 2024?
Currently, an entrance ticket to Yankee Stadium costs USD 39.39. Guided Yankee Stadium tours start around USD 39.39 per person.
People Also Ask
Q:Can you go to Yankee Stadium when there is no game?
A:Yes, you can go to Yankee Stadium when there is no home game, but it’ll have to be on a tour. The Classic Tour—60 minutes—runs during the off-season and on non-game days; the Glimpse of Greatness “tour” gets you a self-guided sneak peek for 15 minutes. Both are for a fee and can be booked online.
Q:Is Yankee Stadium worth visiting?
A:Whether or not Yankee Stadium is worth visiting depends on your interests. But for anyone who can appreciate American history, the art of baseball, and pop culture, Yankee Stadium checks all the boxes—it’s one of the most beloved stadiums in the country. Tours run on both game days and non-game days, year-round.
Q:How long is the Yankee Stadium tour?
A:There are tour options at Yankee Stadium, each with a different length: The Classic Tour runs for 60 minutes and takes place during the off-season and non-game days; Pregame Tours happen—you guessed it—before games and take 60–90 minutes; and the Glimpse of Greatness Tour, which is just a pre-paid 15-minute sneak peek, can be booked most days of the year.
Q:How much does it cost to park your car at Yankee Stadium?
A:It costs anywhere from $25–$40 to park at Yankee Stadium, depending on how far away from the stadium you park your vehicle. Many visitors won’t drive in and instead will utilize the NYC subway system, getting off at the 161st St-Yankee Stadium stop. From Midtown Manhattan, the subway ride should take around 25 minutes.
Q:What do you see on the Yankee Stadium tour?
A:On the Classic Tour, visitors can see Monument Park and the New York Yankees Museum in the on-season; in the off-season, you might also see the press box, the dugouts, the warning track, and more. On Pregame Tours, you’ll see Monument Park, the New York Yankees Museum, and batting practice and warm-ups before the park opens to the public.
Q:Is photography permitted on Yankee Stadium tours?
A:Yes, photography is permitted on all three types of Yankee Stadium tours, whether you’re using your personal camera or your cell phone. That being said, certain spots do prohibit flash photography, so make sure your flash is turned off. Lastly, the entire stadium prohibits videotaping, so stick to snapping photos.