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Tidal Basin
Tidal Basin

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Located in West Potomac Park, the Tidal Basin is surrounded by some of the most iconic memorials and monuments in Washington DC, including the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. The attractive man-made inlet is also where you’ll find thousands of cherry trees gifted to the nation by Japan.

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People Also Ask
Q:What is Tidal Basin famous for?
A:Tidal Basin is a popular destination for visiting the memorials and monuments commemorating prominent US politicians and influential people. Plus, it is well known for its cherry blossoms that appear along the basin’s shores. There’s a Cherry Blossom Festival held here each spring, drawing international crowds.
Q:What’s the story of Tidal Basin’s cherry blossoms?
A:In 1912, the Japanese Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo gifted President Taft and his wife 3000 cherry trees, which they planted three years later in the Tidal Basin. They were a gift of friendship, and each year, there’s a huge spring festival where tourists come to marvel at the cherry blossoms.
Q:What kinds of tours visit Tidal Basin?
A:Tours of Washington DC often head to the Tidal Basin, and there are plenty of tours for all kinds of visitors. Choose from group tours, night tours, private tours, open-top bus tours, electric bikes, and more. You’ll most likely also visit the National Mall, plus other DC highlights along the way.
Q:Can you swim in the Tidal Basin?
A:No, you cannot swim in the Tidal Basin anymore. In the early 1900s, it was possible. However, there were segregated areas, which were later protested against. The water quality isn’t suitable for swimming, so now the once-used swimming pools are just for people to admire outside the water.
Q:What monuments are in Tidal Basin?
A:Several of the US’s most popular memorials and monuments are in Tidal Basin. The Japanese Pagoda, FDR Memorial, John Paul Jones Memorial, the Floral Library, and the FDR Memorial are all located here. One of the selling points is that you don’t need to pay to see them.
Q:Do I need to pay to visit Tidal Basin?
A:No, you don’t. You’ll have to pay to park at Arlington Cemetary station, but you don't need a ticket once you are at the basin itself. Visit the monuments, like the Jefferson Memorial, MLK Memorial, FDR Memorial, and more, for free. There’s also no charge to visit the cherry blossoms.