Antilla Shipwreck
Antilla Shipwreck
Antilla Shipwreck

Antilla Shipwreck Tours and Tickets

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Due to the Caribbean’s treacherous rock outcroppings, the waters of Aruba are lined with shipwrecks. These wrecks create fruitful diving and snorkeling sites, as they host scores of marine life, plus enticing historical stories. Aruba’s most popular is the Antilla Shipwreck, named after theSS Antilla, a cargo ship that sank in 1940.

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Laura_P, Nov 2023
Fun in the sea.
The waters were so clear. I enjoyed getting in the ocean and diving almost immediately after the briefing. The Antilles wreck was so visible. The Seabob made diving easy and enjoyable. Then we moved on to looking at the sea life. Again most enjoyable. Anyone who likes diving should go on this tour.
Jennifer_C, Nov 2023
I’ll be back to do that again!
I absolutely had a blast on the sea Bob It’s a lot of fun I felt like a dolphin going in and out of the water The shipwreck was really cool and seeing all the tropical fish was really great Benjamin was my guy and he went over and above being a tour guide to make sure it was entertaining The very best part was the pterodactyl looking birds diving into the water after fish, but being gentle enough to take a fish out of Benjamin‘s hands that he grabbed right out of the ocean phenomenal
Ana_A, Sep 2023
Awesome experience!
The ability to travel so far and see so much in such a short time span...this beats snorkeling any day.
danielletraffanstedt, Dec 2021
Had a great time!!!
Amazing tour and guide! We saw the shipwreck, sea turtles, a sea spider, and much more. Our guide was an impressive diver and took our camera down to get better shots of the turtles.
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