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11 Bucket List–Worthy Experiences for Music Lovers

Sing and dance your way around the world with these lively music experiences.

11 Bucket List–Worthy Experiences for Music Lovers
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Music is far more than an art form. It’s a powerful example of human expression that transcends time itself; song and dance offer a glimpse into a destination’s history, culture, and people. From rock and hip-hop to country and classical compositions, music tells the tale of our world. So, whether you’re a diehard genre fan or want to discover a new destination through rhythmic beats, these bucket list–worthy experiences will have music lovers of every taste tapping their toes.

1. Explore Austin’s live music scene

Austin strikes a high note as one of the world’s music capitals and you can take a ride around the city to explore four iconic and under-the-radar live music clubs. Austin’s city history is composed with musical milestones and this guided driving tour is your VIP pass to hearing, seeing, and experiencing Austin’s sonic soul.

2. Travel back in time at a Venetian Vivaldi concert

Embrace the elegance, style, and refined art that defined baroque-era Venice—no time machine required. Watch performers clad in traditional 18th-century Venetian costumes dance to I Musici Veneziani playing Antonio Vivaldi’s spectacular “Four Seasons” during this exclusive presentation in Salone Capitolare at Scuola Grande di San Teodoro.

7. Hit up a Hawaiian song, dance, and cultural show

Hawaii’s rich history from 1920 through today takes center stage at the Royal Hawaiian Theater at this concert. Go on a Hawaiian Journey with Rock-a-Hula’s tribute bands and fire knife dances, then grab a photo with the cast during a meet-and-greet.

9. Get to grips with NYC’s musical legacy

Put yourself in an Empire State of Mind and explore the Big Apple with one of rap’s Grandmasters on this hip-hop history tour. Trace the footsteps of hip-hop and rap’s greatest performers as you visit the Apollo Theater in Harlem, the Graffiti Wall of Fame, and the birthplace of hip-hop in the Bronx.

10. Immerse yourself in musical magic on this Austrian excursion

Take your love of The Sound of Music beyond the silver screen and learn about the real Von Trapp family on this Salzburg small-group tour. Ride in a comfortable minivan to filming locations, immerse yourself in Austrian culture, and even reenact the wedding scene at Mondsee Cathedral.

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